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Rails 1.2 RC1 Released

By Peter Cooper / November 23, 2006


It's only the first release candidate, but the Rails 1.2 gravytrain is now pulling into the station. The biggest new features include the full suite of REST goodies, a freshly-written Routing system, and significantly improved Unicode support.

An aside: I am wondering whether news such as this, which was already posted to the popular official Rails blog, should even be posted to Ruby Inside. I assume all Ruby Inside readers, if interested in Rails, would already be reading some of the important Rails blogs out there.. or are there people who only read Ruby Inside for their Ruby / Rails news? Please post a comment if you're not subscribed to the official Rails blog and would still like to see bulletins like this here.


  1. Scott Becker says:

    Depends - If you've got something new to say about it, sure. If it's just a summary and a link, there's no need, it's on all the blogrolls. :)

    What I'm wondering about 1.2 is - Is ActiveResource back in the fold now? From the announcement it sounds like it's all there, but a changeset message on the dev site ( said it wouldn't be included in 1.2, so I'm wondering what the deal is.

  2. Dr Nic says:

    You get an opportunity to add opinion if you post.

  3. James H says:

    I agree with Dr. Nic, but I'd like to add that people new to Rails may end up here first depending on how they approach discovering Rails. As such, it doesn't hurt to mention these sorts of things, but adding your opinion to such snippets is always a plus.

  4. Peter Cooper says:

    I must admit, I have very little to say about this release. I'm a very late adopter with Rails versions and tend not to stray beyond the current stable :) Mostly because I'm too busy with non-Rails Ruby stuff.. (which is why this is a Ruby blog, not a Rails one :))

  5. Evan Miller says:

    I read Ruby Inside but none of the official Rails blogs, and I would not have found out about this software release were it not for Ruby Inside. The Rails blog seems almost 100% devoted to camps and books and events and interviews, but honestly, I don't care about those, so I don't read it. I care about great Ruby software, so I read Ruby Inside, and I think that you should continue to post about new Rails versions here.

  6. Jesper Rønn-Jensen says:

    I think it's fine you post it here. Actually I read it here first! (have been offline for approx. 8 hours :)

  7. topfunky says:

    If I could expect to only read it here and on Riding Rails, there would be no problem. However, I can count on reading at least 37 posts around the Rubysphere that just say "w00t! Rails 1.2!"

    So my opinion is that there is no need to repost here...everyone will get the news.

  8. smrty says:

    I read it here first and have you on my google desktop. keep up the good work.

  9. Jyo says:

    I got the news fo 1.2 here, and actually Rub Inside is the only seed I subscribed...

  10. Garth says:

    This site is for everything 'Ruby-ish', not just Rails. If it's related to Ruby, post it. Not everyone who is interested in Ruby is subscribed to Rails blogs.

  11. Martijn says:

    I second Evan Miller's comment. Keep posting I say! This is the only blog I regularly read on Ruby and/or Rails. The rest is optional.

  12. Garry Dolley says:

    I read it here first :) I say it's OK to post.

  13. sclough says:

    I say post an announcement here. I'm interested in ruby overall, so I read this and not all the rails blogs although I do like rails. I think it's a big enough announcement and it is significant to the overall ruby community as rails helps drive ruby adoption.

  14. Paul says:

    I say post it up. It is newsworthy and spreading the word is no bad thing.

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