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Rails 1.2 Released

By Peter Cooper / January 19, 2007

No editorial on this, as I want to get it out quick, and I know some readers aren't subscribers to the official Rails blog.. but.. Rails 1.2 has just been released! Or, more accurately, Rails 1.2.1, as the obligatory bug-fix release followed on a little more quickly than usual :) You might want to get it straight away before the servers melt down with the rush tomorrow. Just use gem install rails --include-dependencies as usual.

David Heinemeier Hansson has put together a great, info packed post about what to expect and looks at some of the new features.


  1. Vasudev Ram says:

    Good news.! Thanks, Peter!
    Vasudev Ram

  2. Dejan Dimic says:

    Thank you all for your passionate effort to bring joy in our everyday programmers’ world.

    Dejan Dimic

  3. geshido says:


  4. Tom Copeland says:

    We're doing 90 gems a minute on RubyForge now... whew!

  5. Peter Cooper says:

    I am very glad I downloaded it last night! :)

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