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RailsConf EU 2007 Wrap Up

By Peter Cooper / September 20, 2007

(photo credit: dwortlehock)

RailsConf Europe 2007 is over and it's time to wrap up. As before, there are oodles of pictures on Flickr with the "RailsConfEurope" tag (yah-boo to you miserable sods who don't use Creative Commons licenses for your photos) and DHH points to all of the presentations given at the conference (covering areas as wide as Ferret, REST, Adobe Flex, Amazon S3 and JRuby). Continuing from his fine coverage of Monday, the first day of the conference, Robert Dempsey succinctly wraps up the Tuesday morning and afternoon sessions, as well as the Wednesday morning sessions, and then Wednesday in its entirety. These are worth a read if you didn't go, as he provides some context missing elsewhere.

Last but not least, David Heinemeier Hansson's keynote. The King of Rails seemed to focus mostly on Rails 2.0, which will be more of an evolutionary step than a revolutionary one. Casper Fabricus has a superb writeup with many choice quotes and code examples, although Nick Sieger has done a good job too. On his own blog, however, the King decided to post his views of Sun's ever-growing support for Ruby and Rails and his ultimate satisfaction at the success of RailsConf in general.


  1. Don says:

    Hah, when did we start referring to DHH as "the King"? I'm a big fan of his work too, but that's almost a bit creepy.

  2. Eeby says:

    "On his own blog, however, the King decided to post his views of Sun's ever-growing support for Ruby and Rails"

    It's an interesting post. Seems to think Sun's working on JRuby and NetBeans Ruby IDE so they can sell more servers.

    My view is they're doing it to take hold of the destiny of Ruby and Rails and bend it to their enterprisey ends.

  3. Casper Fabricius says:

    "A superb writeup" - now that's something to warm my little blogger-heart. Thanks! :)

  4. Charles Oliver Nutter says:

    Nope, it's mostly about the servers. No evil intentions here, or I'd resign.

  5. Eeby says:

    Charles -- OK. But how does JRuby help move Sun servers? Can't it run on any server, including a Windows box?

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