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The Rubinius Team Wants to Bribe You (With Stickers and T-Shirts)

By Peter Cooper / May 28, 2011

You've given Rubinius a spin, right? And contributed code to the project? If you didn't already know, Rubinius is an 'alternative' Ruby-sorta-written-in-Ruby implementation that's production ready and has been going from strength to strength recently (I post about it quite a bit). And whatever your answers to those questions, the Rubinius team are kicking things up a notch by bribing you to get involved!

The Rubinius Rewards Program

The Rubinius team has announced the "Rubinius Rewards" program. The good part is that they have lots of "general availability" stickers and t-shirts available for anyone who wants to write in and claim one. Send an e-mail, get a reward. Until they run out, of course.

If you want to donate financially to Rubinius, they have a Pledgie campaign on the go too.

Special Stuff for Special People

The deeper part of the announcement, though, is that they have some special edition stickers and t-shirts for people who contribute in more direct ways:

  • First Commit Sticker - a sticker given to anyone who makes a single commit to the Rubinius project. Get a single commit into Rubinius and.. you're good to go.
  • Tenth Commit Shirt - a committer-only t-shirt for people who've shown some dedication to the project by getting 10 commits into the project.
  • Quarterly Committer Merit Badges - a quarterly sticker (marked with the quarter and year) sent to all committers during that quarter. Keeping ya hooked.

If you've already committed to Rubinius and are hankering for a committer sticker, never fear. Just get in touch with the team as described in the post and they'll hook you up.

C'mon.. It's Easy

If you still haven't got on the Rubinius bandwagon but you're running RVM, there's seriously no excuse not to at least give it a quick spin on your current project. Just go rvm install rbx-head and you're on your way.

Want to go directly to the GitHub repository? You can do that too at

I'll be posting more about Rubinius, how to tinker with it, and how to get involved with the project over time, but perhaps a little bribery is enough to get some of you to give it a look :-)


  1. Dr Nic Williams says:

    Personally, I prefer the "Rubinius is the future of C Ruby" moniker than "Ruby-sorta-written-in-Ruby implementation" :)

  2. TOM FAKES says:

    Rubinius needs Ruby 1.8 to compile. Somehow, RVM failed to install 1.8.7 successfully, so I stopped looking at this.

  3. Peter Cooper says:

    Yeah, but that says even less. And.. it might be a contentious point now that Matz has talked about hiring core team developers to work on MRI full-time ;-)

  4. Brian says:

    @Tom, Rubinius will build with any version of MRI 1.8.6+ so if RVM is giving you fits, please trying building directly. Clone the repo and follow the build directions in the README or see the install instructions here

    Alternatively, jump in #rubinius an freenode and we'll help you diagnose your rvm issue.

  5. secondplanet says:

    @Tom It's probably because of readline.

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