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Ruby 1.9: What To Expect

By Peter Cooper / August 12, 2008


Ruby 1.9: What To Expect is an online slideshow by Sam Ruby that covers a lot of the differences between the Ruby 1.8 that we all know and love and the currently experimental Ruby 1.9. Sam's examples are to the point, easily digestible, and span 47 slides. He gave the original presentation at OSCON in Portland a couple of weeks ago.

Sam's presentation is quite similar to "Migrating to Ruby 1.9" by Bruce Williams which we posted about in April. It never hurts, however, to frequently revise the changes since Ruby 1.9 will be production-ready in just four short months..!

(Note: A couple of readers - see comments - have reported slightly odd goings-on when visiting the slideshow page, so if you have 1001 tabs open that you don't want to lose, take care!)

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  1. sgwong says:

    Is there any video for the presentation? The slides looks good.

  2. Keviniano says:

    I'm getting very slightly off-white text on a white background in Firefox 3. Is it just me?

  3. Yi Wen says:

    It froze my FF3 and Ubuntu completely. I have to restart X

  4. Gerald Bauer says:

    > I'm getting very slightly off-white text on a white background in Firefox 3.
    > Is it just me?

    Just reload the page. If you get slightly off-white text on a white background means the page wasn't completely loaded (due likely to a slow connection either on your or the RubyForge server side).

    S6/S9 Tip: Try hitting the t-key to toggle between outline and slideshow view (the outline view will not use any background theme using CSS transperency style settings but still requires the page to get loaded to work).

    Also note that the slide show will *not* work in Internet Explorer because of lack of the required built-in vector graphics machinery (using the open standard SVG format) that's shipping with Firefox, Opera and Safari among other browsers. Cheers.

  5. Keviniano says:

    Reloading doesn't change anything. I went to the OSCON slide link, and that works fine.

  6. Peter Cooper says:

    Just a test..

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