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Ruby Hoedown 2008 Videos Available

By Shalev NessAiver / August 26, 2008

Videos from the recent Ruby Hoedown conference are now available at the Confreaks site.

The talks this year are split between traditional talks and "Lightning Talks" - 5 minute presentations that quickly highlight a single package or aspect of Ruby.  The talks cover a wide range of topics including Archaeopteryx - a Ruby MIDI/Music generator, easy phone calling with ruby, cloud computing, the usual excellent testing and design patterns talks, and a slew of other quirky and useful presentations.

If you don't want to sit through the talks at normal speed, you can download the presentations in .mp4 format and increase the playback speed in your video viewer of choice.  I've found that the videos are perfectly watchable at 2x speed in Quicktime (Command-K > Playback speed.)


  1. bryanl says:

    The "usual testing" talks? TATFT isn't the status quo. I'm serious when I say you should be testing all the fucking time.

  2. Shalev NessAiver says:

    I agree and apologize if it sounded callous concerning testing. I only meant that testing is a relatively common topic at conferences. I modified the post slightly to reflect the quality/importance of the topic.

  3. Glenn says:

    Hrrmm... interesting talks. I think last years Adhearsion talk was a better into to Asterisk+Ruby that this years. And as far as god goes, the web interface is great. If you want to make configuring your rails apps a little easier and manage both them and nginx via capistrano check out my blog posting at

  4. Peter Cooper says:

    bryanl: In this I will assume you're referring to testing in code, rather than "testing" per-se.

    Your devotion to testing is undeniable, but it's merely one more dimension in the giant vector-graph of coding practices. I don't doubt your seriousness, but automated testing is no more important than a basketful of other programming concerns.

  5. Brandon Dimcheff says:

    I made a torrent of all of the .mp4s from Ruby Hoedown for your convenience:

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