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RubyConf 2008 Videos Coming Online

By Peter Cooper / November 28, 2008

rubyconf-90secs.pngAt RubyConf 2008, other than giving his own Scaling Ruby talk, Gregg Pollack of EnvyCasts was hard at work getting summaries of all of the presentations from the speakers. In RubyConf 2008 in 90 Seconds you get a fast-fire summary of the summaries. In RubyConf in 31 Minutes you get a more complete record - good viewing for anyone who didn't attend the conference as it gives you a good idea of what's on the Ruby community's mind.

One of the coolest features of RubyConf in 31 Minutes is that it's hosted on Viddler, which has allowed Gregg to tag and comment on the video so that you can see who's speaking and how to watch their full presentation as you're watching them give the summary!

If you want to see the full presentation videos, you can, thanks to Confreaks who filmed most of the presentations given. Approximately half of the videos are up so far (I count 35). This isn't the time or place to go through them all but some particular highlights are:

Don't expect to see the talk Giles was meant to be giving though, as he was unfairly banned for "inciting violence" by posting a tongue-in-cheek blog post - if you want see a suggestion of the greatness that would have prevailed, watch his excellent RubyFringe presentation instead.

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