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Ruby Inside Brasil Launches

By Peter Cooper / February 16, 2009

rubyinsidebrasil.png Bom dia to all of Ruby Inside's Brazilian (and Portuguese) readers! You can now, if you prefer, read (and subscribe to) the Portuguese language edition of Ruby Inside at (if you'd rather just subscribe to the feed, it's here, or check it out on Twitter @rubyinside_br)

Ruby Inside Brasil (Brazil) is an initial step into localizing Ruby Inside by "franchising" to trusted editors and translators in different parts of the world (there will also be unique content over time). Ruby Inside Brasil's editor is Carlos Brando of Surgeworks, Inc, who is well known in the Brazilian Rails community for his blog Nome do Jogo. He also has the support of Eliézer Pimentel, José Gomes, Levy Carneiro and Rafael Rosa and Luís Gustavo to translate posts from Ruby Inside and Rails Inside. Naturally, readers in Portugal (and Macau, Angola, and other places) will also benefit thanks to the shared language.

Carlos has done a great job by already securing his first sponsor, Plano Bê, a Brazilian software development company that works in the electronic transactions market. It's still very early days for the Ruby Inside localization experiment, but I wish Carlos all the best for being the first to give it a go.


  1. bmsatierf says:

    Ruby Inside Brasil!

    Excelente notícia para começar bem a semana =)

    Parabéns a todos os envolvidos nesta iniciativa.


  2. luisbebop says:

    Thanks Peter for the post. We are very glad to help the rails community here in Brazil. A lot of Brazilians readers now have an easy access for your content. ;)

  3. Levy Carneiro Jr says:

    Content localization is a great way to ease entrance to the Ruby world for those that can't speak or read English.

    We expect to do an excellent job to improve awareness of Ruby for the Portuguese-speaking countries.

    Right on! :)

  4. Satish Talim says:

    Brazil and Ruby rock! Congrats Peter and RubyInside for this initiative, that would help many Brazilians in their quest for information on everything related to Ruby.

  5. Steve Haynes says:

    Hmmm... Brazil seems to be the up and coming place. First InfoQ launched its Brazilian edition and now Ruby Inside.

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