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Ruby Tracker: An Online Dependency Tracker for your Ruby Projects

By Peter Cooper / July 7, 2010

Ruby Tracker is a new webapp from EnvyLabs that tracks dependencies for your Ruby and Rails applications. It alerts you whenever libraries you depend on are updated or have new versions released. This is all in aid of keeping up to date.

Only two downsides: Ruby Tracker only works with projects that use Bundler and that are in an Internet-accessible Git repository (such as on GitHub). It can deal with private repositories, however, so your code doesn't need to be publicly accessible.

In true Envylabs style, a screencast explains how Ruby Tracker works:

Nathaniel Bibler has written a blog post explaining what Ruby Tracker is all about in case the idea doesn't click for you immediately.


  1. Gregg Pollack says:

    Thanks for covering Tracker Peter. Ruby Tracker is very much a new project. There's lots to improve, so if you or anyone has any feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

  2. Mark says:

    Hey Guys,

    RubyTracker is broken, I can't seem to sign up. It 500's.


  3. David Westerink says:

    I've signed up with the tracker and am using for 1 project for now, just to test. Indeed there are some error 500 messages, mostly resolved by refreshing the page, or doing the action again.

    I really like this project, it's a time saver. I was just searching for a project wich tracks my Ruby Gems across all my projects, and here it is! (^-^)

    Keep up the good work!

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