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Scotland On Rails Presentations Now Online: 27 Awesome Videos

By Matthew Lang / May 23, 2009

Did you miss the Scotland on Rails conference this year? No need to fret though, as Engine Yard are hosting videos of all the presentations made at this popular conference. With 27 presentations covering topics from deployment to testing, there is something here for everyone.

This is an awesome way to "catch up" with the spirit of what's been going on at some of the recent conferences, especially as a few of the talks have been given elsewhere too (such as RailsConf). Enjoy!

Day 1 - Friday Presentations

Day 2 - Saturday Presentations

Post by Matthew Lang - Matthew Lang is an ERP developer with a keen interest in Ruby and Rails programming.


  1. Jeff Schoolcraft says:

    I'm trying to find out if these videos were self produced or if they used confreaks. Anyone know?

  2. Chris Cooke says:

    Download them all with nice filenames -

  3. Peter Cooper says:

    Very inventive!

  4. Jim Remsik says:

    Jeff Schoolcraft: I I know it's not ConFreaks. You could ask @alancfrancis on twitter for more details.

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