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SitePoint Reports 5.31% of Web Developers Using Ruby

By Peter Cooper / September 5, 2006

Josh Catone looks at the results of SitePoint's State of Web Development 2006 survey. Josh says:

According to respondents Ruby is used as a development platform by 5.31%, well behind PHP's dominating 67.54% market penetration. However, when asked what platforms people were not currently developing for but planning to use in the next twelve months, Ruby was the answer of 24.37% of respondents!

Of more immediate interest to me is that Python only takes 2.96% of the vote and Perl has 9.79% of the vote. And in response to "What server platform(s) are you not developing for, but expect to in the next 12 months?" Ruby takes 24.37% of the vote in comparison to just 8.47% for Python. Things aren't looking good for Python amongst SitePoint's developers!


  1. Derek Haynes says:

    Great find Peter!

  2. Pascal says:

    Ahemm, I'm afraid you got the stat on maintaining a blog backwards. only 26.03% do maintain a blog. Which is still a huge number.

    And most interesting from that study, I thought, was that the 24.37% number is people not using ruby today, but planning to use it within the next 12 months, so that is in addition to the 5% of today. Plus that's the #2 growth rate, just barely below any MS product, and above any .NET. Groovy.

    Thank you for sharing the link!

  3. Peter Cooper says:

    Doh, right you are Pascal! Now corrected :)

  4. Sean Cribbs says:

    Take that, Joel Sposky! BAM!

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