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Thanking Ruby Inside’s April and May 2011 Sponsors (Training, Haml Conversion and More)

By Peter Cooper / May 25, 2011

Ruby Inside wouldn't be what it is without you, eager reader, but it's time for us to thank the companies who help to keep Ruby Inside going by kindly sponsoring our work. Thanks to all of you! We take care not to accept sponsors who have little of interest to the Ruby scene so hopefully you'll find out something useful from the below :-)

Jumpstart Lab - Rails Training Experts

Jumpstart Lab, headed by Jeff Casimir, is a training company specializing in Ruby on Rails. Their classes are usually two days long and while their prescheduled classes tend to be in Washington DC, where they're based, they'll travel anywhere if you have (or can find) at least six attendees.

Jumpstart calls their training "computer science for normal people" because they jump straight into working on real projects right away and they promise to offer "the best training class you've ever taken, guaranteed." Join NASA, Boeing, Raytheon, The Motley Fool, and GitHub in picking up some training from Jumpstart - they even have a 110% money back guarantee.

New Relic — On-demand Application Management

New Relic is a full-stack Java, Ruby, PHP, and soon Python, application performance and management app that started life as a Rails-only service.

New Relic has long dominated the performance monitoring scene, particularly amongst Rails apps (folks like 37signals and Shopify use them heavily), but they've not rested on their laurels. Just a couple of weeks ago they released a Real User Monitoring service which goes right down to the customer experience. How quick pages load, how quick the pages are to render, etc. Deep and powerful stuff and the most loyal sponsor we've had so far :-)

Trivia I Always Have To Point Out: New Relic is an anagram of founder Lew Cirne's name. Geddit?

Slicecraft - Your Designs Converted to Haml and Sass

Slicecraft is a 'design to HTML' conversion company with a difference - they work with Haml and Sass and can deliver your translated design in these formats, ready to drop into your Rails app. The first time I've seen this feature specifically highlighted - cool!

6sync - VPS Hosting for Rubyists

6sync is a VPS company that promises "hosting nirvana" in minutes! No strings month-to-month billing and instant deployment. They go from 256MB instances up to 4 processor 8GB behemoths.

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