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Thanking Ruby Inside’s January 2011 Sponsors

By Peter Cooper / February 3, 2011

It's time for us to thank the companies who help to keep Ruby Inside going by kindly sponsoring our work. So.. thank you! (And thank you for reading too, naturally.)

Red Dirt Ruby Conference - April 21-22, 2011 (Oklahoma City)

The Red Dirt Ruby Conference is a Ruby conference taking place in Oklahoma City this April. It's shaping up to be a great event with keynotes from Aaron Patterson (Nokogiri) and Dr Nic Williams (Engine Yard). Expect sunny weather with temperatures in the low 70s..

Spreadable - Viral Marketing Tools for your Apps

Spreadable is a powerful 'tell a friend' referral tool you can easily plug into your site. It brings your app powerful viral social tools you and your users can use to spread the word about your work.

Jaconda - A Chat System for Project Teams

Jaconda is a chat system designed for teams working on projects. It works from the browser, your IM app, or your phone, and lets you chat, share files, and keep up with tickets and project activity you can have sent automatically to your rooms.

New Relic — On-demand Application Management

New Relic is a Java and Ruby (and now PHP too!) application performance and reliability monitoring and management service that started life as a Rails-only service. With New Relic you can monitor your apps, find slow transactions, see specific SQL queries, and even run a code-level thread profile.

Trivia I Always Love To Point Out: New Relic is an anagram of founder "Lew Cirne"'s name!


  1. Peter Cooper says:

    Just a test..

  2. Andrew Grimm says:

    @Peter: I think the images near the top of the home page (links to previous articles) looks a bit pixellated on my computer. Will newer images be less pixellated?

  3. Peter Cooper says:

    Yeah, it's due to the source images being quite small. I usually stick to 100 pixels maximum for those and they're being blown up 50% here. I'm unhappy with the format in general so will roll out something more appropriate tonight - thanks! :)

  4. Andrew Grimm says:

    The font underneath "Recently awesome" is horrible.

    Also, is there alt text for "A lame catchphrase or slogan no-one cares about"?

  5. Peter Cooper says:

    Because it uses H4 tags, it was picking up the Google-supplied font for those links. It looks OK on headings but not so good at a smaller size (and especially not in bold) as you've noted. I've fixed this to a normal body type font now - thanks.

    I wasn't planning on alt text for the logo but that's often a low priority of mine. I've fixed it up now - thanks. (If you meant "is that text even meant to be there?" then yes ;-))

  6. Andrew Grimm says:

    Did you have (about a month or two ago) a link to a list of ruby conferences? Does that site/page still exist?

  7. Peter Cooper says:

    Yes, it's at - I'm going to link that up later.

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