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Thanking Ruby Inside’s November 2010 Sponsors

By Peter Cooper / December 7, 2010

It's time for us to thank the companies who help keep Ruby Inside going by kindly sponsoring our work in return for a little community love. Luckily, they're all interesting in their own right and have some worthwhile products to check out - no CashForGold or dating sites here!

New Relic — On-demand Application Management

New Relic is a Java and Ruby application performance and reliability monitoring and management service that started life as a Rails-only service (and it's still great for that!). It's truly enterprise-grade software but with the flexibility and accessibility of annual, monthly, or "on demand" pricing, catering to nearly all types of customer. With New Relic you can monitor your apps, find slow transactions, see specific SQL queries, and even run a code-level thread profile. Trivia: New Relic is an anagram of founder "Lew Cirne"'s name!

MinuteDock — High-Power Time Tracking and Invoicing

MinuteDock is a high-powered, fully-featured time tracking service. You can easily log time and also pull together entries into invoices for your clients. As well as merely tracking time, MinuteDock can keep track of your time "goals" and budgets so that you're always aware of where you stand.

Joyent — Public Cloud Hosting for Rails

Joyent is a leading infrastructure provider to some of the fastest growing businesses on the web, including those in the social gaming, digital agency, publishing, eCommerce, and iOS industries. Joyent helped customer AKQA, an agency for many of the world’s leading brands, scale on demand to meet wildly successful online campaigns. Joyent helped another customer, Context Optional, a leading provider of social marketing software and services, scale at Facebook levels and support millions of users within the first months of launch. — Free time-tracking with Google Calendar integration is a free time-tracking tool that integrates with Google Calendar. Its focus is on providing a clean, simple and intuitive user interface that gets out of the way and lets you get your jobs done quickly. It's well designed and you can even run off detailed PDF and Excel reports of how your time was spent.

Want to join them?

If you're interested in sponsoring Ruby Inside, get in touch with our advertising guru James Avery using this form. We have a great opportunity for any companies interested in being seen in the Ruby and Rails worlds. On a monthly basis (or just a 2 week run, if you prefer) you can take a spot in the "Web Publishers Room" (~75k impressions a month across 15 different Ruby-related sites), Ruby Inside (170-200k impressions per month), RubyFlow (~70k), Rails Inside (~25k) as well as a mention in a post like this. So that's about 350k impressions over 18 well known Ruby and Rails sites..!

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