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The MOle: Spying inside your Rails applications

By Peter Cooper / April 12, 2007


The MOle is a Rails plugin developed by Fernand Galiana, Delynn Berry, and Ara Howard that allows you to monitor events occurring within your application in real time (without resorting to tailing logs). They've put together a YouTube! video that demonstrates how MOle works in real time.


  1. Sandro says:

    Donwloading.... :-)

    Ehm... just a question: how about additional workload on the Ruby Interpreter ?

  2. Fernand says:

    Hi Sandro - Sure we are indeed intercepting requests to the server. The idea here is that you MOle your application for a few days/weeks after your release and then you turn it off.
    You can then turn off the MOle by setting MOLEABLE_APP = false.

  3. Jamie Flournoy says:

    The link is broken and should go to instead.

  4. Peter Cooper says:

    Thanks, I've now fixed it. This is the second time their blog has changed links on something when I link to it.. Fernand, please try and stop it happening because all the people who link to you then get broken links, which will hurt your search rank, etc. :)

  5. Fernand says:

    Doh !! Sorry Peter... Won't happen again...

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