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The Rails Envy Podcast Becomes.. The Ruby Show

By Peter Cooper / January 26, 2010

the-ruby-show.gifIf you try to keep up with the Ruby community you're probably familiar with the Rails Envy podcast, even if you aren't subscribed. Well, it's just relaunched as.. The Ruby Show, hosted by Jason Seifer and Dan Benjamin. They plan to cover the latest Ruby related news on a weekly basis in a similar style to Rails Envy. New episodes come out each Wednesday.

The latest episode of The Ruby Show includes bits on Cramp, the Rails 3 Bug Mash, Friendly, Rails 3 Generators, ActiveModel, and more.

The Background: Rails Envy was a weekly podcast by Gregg Pollack and Jason Seifer and featured Ruby and Rails news interspersed with comedy bits. The podcast did really well, getting about 7000 subscribers within two years, but for some reason, Gregg and Jason stopped working together and Gregg went off to found Ruby 5, a new bite-sized Ruby news podcast delivering 5 minute episodes once or twice a week.

Dan Benjamin Enters Stage Left: Undeterred by the split, Jason kept the Rails Envy brand and brought podcasting genius Dan "voice for radio" Benjamin on board to co-host. To my surprise, the podcast got even better and has made for entertaining listening, even when Dan did an entire episode on his own.

Go Check It Out: Podcasts aren't for everyone, but Dan and Jason are doing a great job, so at least check out an episode or two from time to time. You're usually guaranteed a laugh.

And before anyone asks, no, that picture isn't of them. Well, the heads are, but I superimposed them on to other people using Photoshop. Why? Because this is timely news and Jason didn't provide a picture quick enough ;-)


  1. Peter Cooper says:

    If anyone wants to start a campaign to get that image adopted as the official logo for the podcast.. leave a comment ;-)

  2. Gregg Pollack says:

    Love the logo! LOL.. At first I thought Jason sent you that logo himself.. hehe.. I wouldn't put it past him.

    I'm really happy to see that Jason has continued to do the Rails Envy podcast (and now Ruby Show). Dan has the ability to banter better then I ever did which complements Jason's style extremely well. I'm definitely jealous of his gift of gab and I'll certainly be listening to the podcast.

  3. Ryan Bates says:

    Too much love was put into the making of that image to have it only be used here.

    Keep up the great podcast guys!

  4. Dan Benjamin says:

    This image is offensive and crosses a line -- I'd never wear white after Labor Day!

    Thanks for the kind words, I'm really glad you like the show.

  5. Jason Seifer says:

    Peter, this is my favorite picture ever created. Do you have it in high res so that I can put it as a poster on my wall?

  6. Bruno Miranda says:

    That image is priceless. Totally needs a hi-res and its own domain name.

  7. this is my name says:

    I'd still like to know why you guys "split up" in the first place.

  8. Steve Smith says:

    Ha Ha that image is amazing! Keep up the good work on the show guys. It certainly helps keep me up to date on my long commutes!

  9. James Conroy-Finn says:

    Where can I get a Ruby Show t-shirt with that photo on it?

  10. John Sullivan says:

    To be honest that pic looks whacked. I was bouncing around looking for some LUV on the Rails listen to a podcast and in the excitement added RailsEnvy to my PR4 DO FOLLLOW Bog sI like Page I then Msg RailsEnvy and these two on twitter next day or so I was like hmm guess they are like most of those PHP GOOFS :) LOOK you can SOUND good and even Program some lame site but if you don't have two seconds to say thanks and welcome someone NEw YOU suck :) And by that pic I guess so ;)
    Maybe THEY were BUSY GETTING BUSY Wake UP I will be running the RAILS scene now lamers ;) Watch and wait
    I wasn't going to write this by hey let's clear up the asskissing hype and call it right :) RAILS ENVY FAIL :)
    Anyway I'm a nice guy actually that doesn't take getting dissed whether intentional or not. Give me a little while and I would have to say anything else about RAILS to some underground Nerds I will be on my site Chilling :) Like I'm now Peace
    and That link was removed I don't link to losers and wannabee whatever it is :) Nice pic Alrighty then GO LOL
    Man your site is NO FOLLOW and just gets your friends and your not DO FOLLOW ? Hmm DO follow rules if you knew about #BLOGGING but leave all that to me the dude with a CHIC in my pic :P

  11. Peter Cooper says:

    John: If you started a Ruby/Rails podcast, I would totally listen to it. Please, please do.

  12. Jason Seifer says:

    John: Thanks for the LUV. Sorry I didn't respond to your tweets -- I usually don't run twitter on the weekends. Like Peter, I would totally listen to your podcast also. Good luck with your PR4 DO FOLLOW Bog.

  13. John Sullivan says:

    @ Everyone I feel like a total Jerk :) There's so many snobs in social media and blogging I really needed a respite for it all and was so looking forward to being a part of a FRESH DYNAMIC Semi underground but not creepy :) community of coders etc. I looked at many of your sites and looked at alot of the basics etc and I want to apologize for being a D*CK and jumping the gun and being a BRAT :)
    I will step back and keep my mouth shut unless it's something POSITIVE to add in the future and study and come up the ranks the old fashioned way and Work for it :)
    Thanks and sorry I will be an adult about the way I handle things with Rails and hopefully everyone in the future :)
    I was a class clown from the Bronx originally but is that really an excuse LOL :) Peace and Thanks

  14. Peter Cooper says:


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