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The RubyFringe Videos: Vids From The Summer’s Hottest Conference

By Peter Cooper / September 22, 2008

rubyfringevids.png Remember RubyFringe, the avant-garde Ruby conference held in Canada this September? According to most reports, it went down as possible the best Ruby conference ever and spawned some very interesting presentations - that those of us who didn't go wouldn't have seen..

Luckily, in conjunction with InfoQ, videos from RubyFringe are making it online - so far there are four to check out:

Obie Fernandez - Do The Hustle : Obie Fernandez of HashRocket looks at how to sell and price development services. How do you deal with proposals, contracts, RFPs? How do you close deals? It's all in here.

John Lam - Ruby Beyond Rails : John Lam (developer of IronRuby for Microsoft) talks about dynamic languages, and the challenges involved in developing IronRuby.

Nick Sieger Interview : Nick Sieger is quizzed on JRuby, Java integration, and other Java / Ruby crossover projects.

Dan Grigsby - Deployment Monoculture : Dan Grigsby on the concept of "trying out many different ideas before turning one into a startup." Dan is a very proactive and successful enterpreneur who has a lot of interesting things to say, particularly for those interested in building their own small, agile startups.


  1. Jay Phillips says:

    There're still more coming out. InfoQ releases them strategically. Mine will be posted within the next month I imagine.

  2. Wesley Moxam says:

    Reg's interview from RubyFringe has also been posted:

  3. Phill says:

    All I know is that I cannot wait for Giles' to be posted. It's been too long!

  4. mike africa says:

    being from africa, the internet is not fast enough for streaming... is there any links for download?

  5. Luke Francl says:

    Strategically slowly, that is. I was told months ago that my presentation was just about to be posted.

    I don't know what is taking so long (though the interviewer from InfoQ told me he has to transcribe all the interviews by hand(!) -- meanwhile working full time as a developer).

  6. Geoffrey Grosenbach says:

    Yikes! I've been using a fantastic transcriber. They really need a professional...the good ones have a special foot mouse and software to make it easier.

  7. mike africa says:

    hmm... so I guess no direct download links...

  8. Phil says:

    @Geoff: Cool; I want a special foot mouse.

  9. Reg Braithwaite says:

    Seems like there's another video up:


  10. Greg says:

    @Geoff: You should try Andy's trick for getting the Mechanical Turk to do it:

  11. Geoffrey Grosenbach says:

    @Greg: Yeah, I read Andy's article but I think that's more work than it's worth. I found someone on oDesk who does a fantastic job and only costs a bit more than Mechanical Turk. Sometimes it can actually cost a lot to save that last buck or two.

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