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Top Rails News (Early September 2008 Edition)

By Peter Cooper / September 16, 2008

You might have missed the announcement, but a couple of months ago I launched Rails Inside in order to allow Ruby Inside to focus more on Ruby-specific news. Due to the obvious crossover between the audiences, I promised that I'd start a regular series of Ruby Inside posts highlighting some of the most interesting Rails news from Rails Inside - just in case you're into Rails but not so into it that you want to subscribe to Rails Inside! This is the first post of that series.

Recent highlights have included:

railsmanualsss.jpgAwesome Fresh Rails Documentation to Enjoy

Fresh from the participants of the Rails Guides Hackfest come the first results... and they're amazing (or, dare I say it, awesome)! Highlights include Getting Started With Rails and Rails Routing From The Outside In. Or, how about the definitive guide to migrations?

envycasts-f1.gif EnvyCasts: Entertaining Rails Screencasts

You know those crazy but lovable guys from Rails Envy? The ones with the podcast? They've decided to take their brand of education to the screencasting market. Their first release is Advanced ActiveRecord and it's great - very entertaining and educational.

rpmhomepage.gifNew Relic Goes Free: Quality Rails Monitoring Now Free To All

You know New Relic, the performance monitoring service company? The one offering high priced monitoring services to companies like 37signals? Uh-oh, not so high priced anymore.. they've unveiled a Lite version of their service that's totally free for all of us proles to use. You get some really slick performance and utilization monitoring for your Rails app - and it doesn't cost a dime. (Disclaimer: New Relic is a sponsor of Ruby Inside - but this mention is not dependent upon that - this is an advertorial-free zone!)

Hyperactive Resource - It Makes ActiveResource Work Properly!

If you're using ActiveResource, you might have discovered it doesn't quite do what you'd expect it to do. While it's undoubtedly very useful, a lot of the features you know and love in ActiveRecord just aren't replicated. Hyperactive Resource solves that problem and acts as a wrapper around ActiveResource that provides a lot of ActiveRecord-esque functionality.

Hot for more Rails news? Perhaps you'd like to head over to Rails Inside and subscribe. You can grab the RSS feed or get it via e-mail.

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  1. Hongli Lai says:

    Yeah the new Rails guides are pretty amazing. I'm on the guide review team, and all of us, including Rails core team members, are impressed by the things that have been written so far!

  2. curtis says:

    Just wanted to toss out a kudos to New Relic for their free offering. A co-worker loaded it up and it was pretty amazing. Especially since it's free.

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