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What’s Hot on Github – October 2008

By Zach Inglis / October 30, 2008

GitHub LogoWhat's Hot on Github is a monthly post highlighting interesting projects that are new or updated this month, within the Ruby community that are hosted on Github. Github has become an extremely popular place for Ruby and Rails developers to congregate lately, so I wanted to list some of the new projects, and some of the updated ones, that I have found interesting and that are too small for their own blog post.

This month's picks:

  • seinfield - Track your open-source contributions with Github.
  • suprails - A funky new substitute for the "rails" command.
  • nokogiri - A hpricot alternative that boasts better speed.
  • astrotrain - "Scans incoming emails for mapped recipients and sends an HTTP POST somewhere."
  • friendly_id - "monkey patched friendly_id that allows for a larger number of duplicate slugs". Includes remembering past slugs.
  • acts_as_sayable - "Rails plugin to provide text2speech functionality over models."
  • flash-message-conductor - A simple pattern for managing flash messages in your Ruby on Rails application.
  • formtastic - A Rails Form Builder with semantically rich and accessible markup.

A special thanks this month goes to the Rails Rumble team as they made some great suggestions based on what people had used for their applications.

Have any projects to add or want to recommend a project for next month's post? Please leave a comment.


  1. Bradley Grzesiak says:

    Hey Zach... thanks for the props to suprails. I'll be trying to rectify Github and RubyForge repositories so that installation is as simple as 'gem install suprails', yet development remains on github.

  2. Ben Johnson says:

    Great post. I recently released a couple of libraries myself, maybe they are worthy of making this list.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I found nokogiri just yesterday. Totally going to replace a good number of libs I'm using for stuff right now. I'm also looking at formtastic to replace our current ghetto form maker, but I'm not sure. We may just steal some ideas! :P

    Sorry to continue the self-promotion train here, but it seems like the suprails guy and I scratched the same itch at the same time, eh? :) I personally prefer my approach a little better (multiple templates, more powerful syntax, etc.), but they're both worth tools!

  4. Robby Russell says:

    Thanks for mentioning our little plugin, Flash Message Conductor. We've been this pattern for quite some time and eventually decided to put it into a plugin. We're aiming to release more patterns like this that can be crafted into plugins.

    Here is the introduction blog post for it.


  5. Phil says:

    FYI, Nokogiri ends in an I, not an L. It's named after a Japanese hand saw. It's actually also a libxml-ruby replacement as it binds directly to the C libxml library.

  6. _rs says:

    Nice work Brad, looking forward to suprails. Great idea by the way.

  7. Justin French says:

    Thanks for the Formtastic mention, even if the link was to a fork instead of the real deal!

  8. Zach Inglis says:

    @Phil: Thank you. I updated it to the correct spelling.
    @Justin: That was not intentional. I have updated it to use your repo.

  9. Cristi Balan says:


    So that was the reason I got all those watchers out of the blue on my unknown fork. I was starting to assume there's a bug in github.

    Sorry for stealing them Justin :/

  10. Norman Clarke says:

    Thanks a lot for the mention! I've just updated the main friendly_id repo to include the functionality from the fork you linked to. The main repo also has several other updates that haven't been applied to that fork, so depending on your needs you may want to check out the original at:

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