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What’s Hot on Github – November 2008

By Zach Inglis / November 30, 2008

GitHub LogoWhat's Hot on Github is a monthly post highlighting interesting projects that are new or updated this month, within the Ruby community that are hosted on Github. Github has become an extremely popular place for Ruby and Rails developers to congregate lately, so I wanted to list some of the new projects, and some of the updated ones, that I have found interesting and that are too small for their own blog post.

This month's picks:

A special thanks this month goes to the Rails Rumble team as they made some great suggestions based on what people had used for their applications.

Have any projects to add or want to recommend a project for next month's post? Please leave a comment.


  1. Chris says:

    I would also nominate Integrity, a simple CI server written in Sinatra. We're using it for GitHub's tests.

  2. TPW says:

    Check out Jekyll, my blog-aware, static site generator that I'm using for

  3. says:

    I second TPW on Jekyll recommendation, using it too on

    Read his "blogging like hacker" post to know more:

  4. karmi says:

    I *strongly* second both Integrity ( and Jekyll, *these* should be on top of the list. Definitely have a look on them!

  5. Phil says:

    I don't understand why folks find Jekyll interesting. Not trying to be a hater here, just genuinely confused.

    Most hackers could re-implement it in the time it takes to download it and set it up. I'm all for the idea of super-simple DB-less static content sites, but I don't get the whole, "I'm releasing this as a project so that other people can re-use it" angle.

    Re-use is for non-trivial software.

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