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Winners of “Troubleshooting Ruby Processes” Announced

By Peter Cooper / December 16, 2007

Two weeks ago we ran a contest where you could talk about the sort of Ruby books you'd like to see available and have a chance to win one of three copies of "Troubleshooting Ruby Processes" by Philippe Hanrigou. The three winners are CptOatmeal, Andrew Simard, and Raju Gandhi who will each receive a copy via e-mail from the publisher shortly. I'd like to thank everyone who commented.. there were 56 comments in all and tons of amazing book ideas. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw the publishers announcing books along the lines of the suggestions soon!

Staying on the topic of Troubleshooting Ruby Processes, author Philippe Hanrigou was recently interviewed by Pat Eyler of On Ruby. They went into depth on topics like DTrace and debugging JRuby applications. Pat also wrote his own review of the book.


  1. CptOatmeal says:


    The first two links in your post point to "http://"

    If you're interested in a writing a small guide/manual/book, publishers like Peepcode and the Pragmatic Programmers allow you to publish small PDF based books. Give it a shot.

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Thanks for that, and that's now fixed :)

    Let this be a lesson to everyone not to use the Ecto3 blogging client.. I'm finding it buggy as hell. Might go back to version 2!

  3. Keith McDonnell says:

    Couldn't find Raju Gandhi's submission.

    Also, couldn't find my my comment/entry. Posted the book idea & a pending message was returned. Was it not posted ?

  4. Keith McDonnell says:

    Scratch that. Found Raju Gandhi's book idea -- more advanced ruby.

  5. Raju says:

    Thanks for hosting the contest. And I won! Yay! Looking forward to getting my hands on that book...

    Keep up the great work!

    Thanks again...


  6. Peter Cooper says:

    The e-mail address supplied by Andrew Simard is bouncing. Could you get in touch with me? Details on the about page.

    Keith: I see your submission on the old blog page.

  7. Andrew Simard says:

    Sorry, was moving and things ddidn't go as smoothly as planned!!! Eeek... All should be working now.


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