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April’s Ruby Related Jobs from the Ruby Inside Job Board

By Peter Cooper / May 2, 2007


At the start of April, the Ruby Inside Job Board was launched. Since then, four companies have signed up and posted a job, although, oddly, none have taken up my invitation to have a blog post about their position placed on Ruby Inside. Therefore, I'm going to post a quick roundup of the past month's jobs at the start of each month. Regular enough for you to possibly apply for a cool Ruby or Rails related job, but not so regular to piss you off! Without further ado, April's jobs:

Senior Software Engineer with MeeVee (Burlingame, CA 94010) - MeeVee is an online, personalized TV guide. They're looking for a senior engineer who can help design and implement software with up-to-date technologies (Rails is explicitly mentioned, but also covers .NET/C#). Since they list Rails first in their list of "preferred" technologies, I'm guessing they're using it in-house but including .NET / C# / Java to lure more people in. Don't quote me on that though ;-)

Ruby & MySQL Web Developer with Integralnet Marketing (Irvine, CA) - A rather specifically Ruby and MySQL job in California with a salary range of 60-95k. Sounds like a good deal to me and Irvine is nice (if out of the action).

Software Engineer(s) with Ooga Labs (SF, CA 94102) - An incredibly irreverent and "down to earth" ad. I'll let you read it to see what I mean. They're demanding Ruby knowledge (or the desire to learn it) for this position.

Amazing Software Engineer (employee #10) with Rapleaf (SF, CA 94105) - Want to be the 10th employee at a recently funded San Fran based Web 2.0 company? They use Ruby on Rails, but are willing to take on quick learners. All levels of experience are considered. One perk is a personal MacBook Pro, along with medical insurance and a kitchen stocked with food.


  1. John says:

    Right now this'd be my ideal choice for a new job, so into this language.

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