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A List of Non-English Ruby and Rails News Sites

By Peter Cooper / October 28, 2008

When Ruby Inside started over two years ago, there were only a handful of sources for Ruby related news. The announcements on the ruby-talk mailing list (which Ruby Weekly News - now deceased - rounded up on the Web),, and a few popular Rubyists blogs (such as Why's Redhanded). Now, however, there are lots of options, including Ruby Inside itself, Rails Inside, RubyFlow, Ruby Reddit, and Planet Ruby on Rails.

But what about the Ruby and Rails news for non-English speakers? I've been keeping my eye on a number of foreign-language Ruby and Rails news sites, and want to highlight some of the best:

Russia / Россия / русско is a Russian equivalent of the English language Like RubyFlow, it's a community blog where news about Ruby and Rails libraries, projects, tutorials, and so forth can be posted.

They've done an excellent job on the design - it rather makes me wish I could read Russian!

rubymag.pngRubyMag is a new weekly summary of Ruby and Rails news for Russian speaking developers.

The Netherlands / Dutch / Nederlands

rubyweb.pngRubyWeb is a Dutch RubyFlow clone. There seem to be posts for most days, and it's primarily updated by "TomEric" of i76.

rubyenrails.pngRuby En Rails is a Dutch Rails-themed blog. It doesn't seem to be particularly well updated, but has news relating to Dutch Rails events, along with general tutorials written in Dutch.

China / 中国 is a Chinese language equivalent of RubyFlow. It seems to mostly feature the same items as RubyFlow but in Chinese.

Japan / 日本 / 日本語

RubyFlow-ja is a Japanese language translation of RubyFlow, and the first such translation. It's maintained by Makota Kuwata - of Erubis fame. It features the most interesting of the RubyFlow stories (that is, not all of them).

The Rubyist is a long-time Japanese language online Ruby magazine. It has a very strong reputation in the Japanese Ruby community, but as the articles aren't translated into English, many Anglophone Rubyists are not aware of it. It's not to be confused with Jeremy McAnally's newer print-based The Rubyist magazine.


For some time, the official Indonesian Ruby site featured translations of choice Ruby Inside articles into Indonesian. This appears to have stopped recently, but it is still a key resource for Indonesian Rubyists.

Brazil / Brasil / Portuguese / Português is a key resource for Brazilian Ruby developers. It summarizes a lot of general Ruby news in Portuguese.

Akita on Rails is a Brazilian Rails-focused blog written by perhaps the most famous Brazilian Rubyist of all - Fabio Akita (who was the principal organizer of the successful Rails Summit Latin America conference recently).

Others? I Need Your Help!

I've been trying to find Ruby news sites in other popular languages, such as French and German, but have been drawing blanks. Where are French, German, Swedish, Danish, Spanish and Italian Ruby developers getting their news from? I want to turn this post into a resource for finding foreign language Ruby news sites, so please leave your links and suggestions in the comments.


  1. Raul says:

    I am a spanish developer. As far as I know there is no such kind of site in spanish and, in my opinion, there shouldn't be. Of course everybody can choose what language they write on, but I think that publishing in a non-english language restricts the information flow, which - again, IMHO - is a loose-all decission: you help less readers and you get less feedback/branding/whatever you get from them.

    We have a nicely active mailing list, ror-es, which usually acts as a kind of cluster to avoid the unmanageable traffic of the main ruby and rails users lists. It also works to get in touch with local groups and developers and has become the central communication node for the spanish community. But these benefits have nothing to do with blog posts or news sites which content refers to world-wide subjects. In that case, I think that publishing on a non-english language is a bad choice.

  2. CrazyDK says:

    Hot Ruby( is a Korean ruby and rails news site.

  3. Ale Muñoz says:

    Here's a spanish Ruby news site:

    And here's a couple of blogs you may not have found:

  4. Sikachu! says:

    We're creating a site for Thai Ruby on Rails developer, called Rails66.
    It's here:


  5. Henrik N says:

    I think most Swedish developers are comfortable enough with English to make do with English language sites, and the market for Swedish Ruby news is pretty small.

    There is the wiki, a mailing list and a Freenode IRC channel. Can't think of any news sites, though.

  6. olivM says:

    one of my favorites French Rails blog is made by Nicolas Merouze :

  7. Mastro says:

    For Italy the big stuff is here:

  8. Redd Vinylene says:

    Norwegians get theirs from Great article. Thanks.

  9. Duccio says:

    This is an italian resource Rails on the road... Only blog title is in english ;-)

  10. Thomas B says:

    The same goes for Norwegians, but there is for general Ruby and RoR news and discussions.

  11. Willian Molinari says:


    Hi Peter!
    We have in Brazil trying to aggregate the most brazilian blog posts! =)

    Brazilians Railers send a link to RubyOnda, so we have a place to centralize all the content.


    Willian Molinari

  12. Okilash says: very beautiful

  13. JavaEye says:

    most Chinese ruby on rails developers visit this site:
    ruby on rails related news:
    and a ruby board

    btw, this site is power by ruby on rails

  14. Bruno says:

    In portuguese there is also Rubyonda

  15. says:

    You've forgotten - Russian Ruby & Ruby on Rails weblog.

  16. lbz says:

    While there isn't any "pure" news site (rubyflow-like) in Italian, there are some nice websites featuring both news and tutorials on Ruby and Rails:

    - Italian Ruby user group

  17. hosiawak says: is the most popular Polish RoR/Ruby site with an active community forum.

  18. combatwombat says:

    I'm german and i mostly read english sites. But there are a few german Ruby news sources:

  19. Sylvain Utard says:

    Also a french one:

    It's an online game where you must take care of a virtual penguin. Who sayed rails can't scale!?!? I did it!

  20. Gastón Ramos says:

    Somes sites in spanish:

  21. jason says:

    I haven't really announced it publicly yet, but there is also which is the railscasts series translated into Chinese subtitles, they also have English subtitles, so any non-native english speaker can use them to better understand the railscasts. Right now only a few have been transcribed and translated, but I plan to go through the whole archive for everyone to enjoy. Thanks!

  22. rhg says:

    《Ruby Hacking Guide》 with Chinese
    Ruby Hacking Guide中文版

  23. spine says: -- Russian Ruby community

  24. Leon says:

    You should definitely add to you list, it is a very(probably the most) active Chinese Ruby/Rails community.

  25. Reggie says:

    In Italy there is, one of the first sites that try to take the knowledge from the people for the people. Only in Italian, and now a bit stopped, but ready to restart soon with new energies!

  26. Peter says:

    A new Brazilian rails/ruby news aggregator and soon a new sites powered by Rails section in Portuguese.

  27. Peter says:

    Forgot the link

  28. Wee@ThoughtWorks says:

    Thai Ruby/Rails website is at

  29. electron-libre says:

    In french :

  30. heaven says:
    Chinese Railser Open Community

  31. Ozéias Sant'ana says:

    In portuguese: - Podcasts, screencast and more.

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