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6 Ruby and Rails Job Sites

By Peter Cooper / November 28, 2006

I keep getting e-mails about job sites, Ruby jobs, and so forth, so I decided it's time for a bumper "here are all the Ruby and Rails job sites" post! Enjoy..

2009 update: I've had to remove a few as they no longer exist any more - so there are not 6 here ;-)

First off: The Ruby Inside Job Board. There are lots of great jobs there - entirely up to date (as of August 2008) - vacancies from companies like TechCrunch, Scribd, and others. However, all the jobs on our job board are based in the United States only.


RubyNow -
Free to post jobs, and extremely popular (one or two new jobs every day, usually). Has a useful search feature and a mailing list to receive all new jobs in your Inbox.

Jobs4 -
Indeed is a generic job search site, but it's not bad for finding Ruby jobs. You are more likely to find jobs from bigger companies and less 'grass-roots' type offers here. This may or may not be what you're looking for.


Learning Ruby - Ruby Jobs -
A few sites seem to be sourcing job listings from a service called "JobCoin", but Satish Talim's page is the first one I found. There aren't a large number of jobs, but a reasonable variety.


37signals Job Board and Gig Board - and
These are the 'big daddy' of the jobs boards and cost $300 for 30 days and $100 for 30 days respectively. There are less Rails and Ruby related posts than there used to be, but most of the programming gigs on the gigs site are Rails related in one way or another. They're posted by employers who are putting down good cash to be listed, so are less likely to be timewasters.


  1. SK says:

    Nice stuff.

    Just a little correction :

    That's the xml feed where /satishtalim/ruby_jobs.html gets it's job listing. So they have failed to sell a single jobcoin job listing.

    Probably you should give credit where it's due :-)

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    I found that site as well in my travels and noticed the jobs were the same, but couldn't work out what was the original source. I assumed JobCoin must be the source, and found no reference to that. So.. I'm a little confused. Who's copying who? :)

  3. SK says:

    Jobcoin jobs would look like

    Check out the links on and points to ose.

  4. Keith Schacht says:

    Great round-up. You should also include There aren't a lot of jobs on there currently, but they've had a good number in the past.

    Also, in case you're curious, JobCoin is a job board software making it easy for people to run a job board (just like what TypePad does for running a blog). Someone may choose to repost jobs on their JobCoin job board from another source, but unlike a site like Indeed, JobCoin isn't a central repository of jobs.

  5. Satish Talim says:

    Peter, first of all thanks for mentioning about the "Learning Ruby - Ruby Jobs" site. SK, you are right about the feed from where we get the Jobs list - it looks bad to have a blank page, to begin with!

    However, the Ruby/Rails Job page is new and mainly targeted to Indian companies, where Ruby/Rails is just making in-roads. Having said this, we did get our first Job post a few days back!

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