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Thanking Ruby Inside’s September 2011 Supporters

By Peter Cooper / October 11, 2011

Ruby Inside wouldn't be what it is without you but it's time for me to thank the companies who also help to keep Ruby Inside going by sponsoring my work. Thanks!

I take care not to accept sponsors who have little of interest to the Ruby scene so hopefully you'll find something useful below - it's not a roster of faceless companies, these folks are doing great stuff.

Gauges - Simple, Sexy Real-time Analytics

Gauges is a tool for collecting and analyzing the Web traffic for all your sites in real-time using a fast, reliable, hosted system. You can even see overview data for all your sites on a single page. It comes from Ordered List, the same folks who built Harmony.

CodeSchool - Learn By Doing

CodeSchool is an innovative, interactive online marketplace where you can learn to code directly in your browser. Courses so far include the FREE "Rails for Zombies" (and forthcoming Rails for Zombies 2), Functional HTML5 & CSS3, and Rails Best Practices. They have some great stuff in the pipeline and if you're looking to pick up some new skills, definitely check them out.

New Relic — On-demand Application Management

New Relic is a full-stack Java, Ruby, PHP, and soon Python, application performance and management app that started life as a Rails-only service.

New Relic has long dominated the performance monitoring scene, particularly amongst Rails apps (folks like 37signals and Shopify use them heavily), but they've not rested on their laurels. Just a few months ago they released a Real User Monitoring service which goes right down to the customer experience. How quick pages load, how quick the pages are to render, etc.

Cloudmailin - Incoming Email for your Web App (As A Service)

Cloudmailin is a cloud service that can accept e-mail and then send the required data, real time, to your webapp over an HTTP POST request. Take the strain out of hosting your own e-mail infrastructure and let Cloudmailin take care of it instead.

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