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HTTParty: Quick Web Service Consumption From Any Ruby Class

By Peter Cooper / August 2, 2008


HTTParty is a new Ruby library by John Nunemaker (of fame) that makes it a snap to build classes that can use Web-based APIs and related services. At its simplest, you include the HTTParty module within a class, which gives your class a "get" method that can retrieve data over HTTP. Further directives, however, instruct HTTParty to parse results (XML, JSON, and so on), define base URIs for the requests, and define HTTP authentication information.

HTTParty's simplicity is demonstrated in the most "complex" example John gives in his introduction post - a Representative class that can retrieve information about US Representatives from

require 'rubygems'
require 'httparty'

class Representative
  include HTTParty
  base_uri ''
  default_params :output => 'json'
  format :json

  def self.find_by_zip(zip)
    get('/whoismyrep.php', :query => {:zip => zip})

  def self.get_all_by_name(last_name)
    get('/getall_reps_byname.php', :query => {:lastname => last_name})

puts Representative.get_all_by_name('Donnelly').inspect
# {"results"=>[{"district"=>"2", "last"=>"Donnelly", "first"=>"Joe", "state"=>"IN", "party"=>"D"}]}

That code will work for you after a simple gem install httparty. So, join the HTTParty now; it looks pretty fun.


  1. John Nunemaker says:

    Ha! Awesome httparty pic!

  2. jnstq says:

    Ah! Nice. I just tried it for a remote login service, works great!

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