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12 Interesting Upcoming Ruby and Rails Events (That Aren’t Sold Out)

By Peter Cooper / September 21, 2009

Wanted to go to JRubyConf or RubyConf this year? Tough - they're sold out already. Luckily, though, there are some interesting upcoming events that you can still get in to - some online, some in multiple cities, some held in youth centers, some in hotels, and even one on a tropical island. Whew!

(Update: Removed Aloha on Rails as it has sold out - thanks to Tammer Saleh for the note.)

Free "Optimizing Your Online Store" Webinar (Online; September 24, 2009)


New Relic is running a free webinar event on Thursday, September 24 for developers and customers interested in optimizing e-commerce sites ready for the 2009 holiday season. The webinar will feature New Relic customer and will provide tips for getting your online store prepared.

Naturally, being a New Relic event, the focus will be on New Relic's RPM product and a special webinar-only discount will be offered. Given the quality of New Relic's other materials though, I doubt it's going to be a sales pitch from start to finish. Click here to register. (I've just been told the first 20 people to register are entered in a draw to win an iPod nano.)

RubyFoo (London, UK; October 2-3, 2009)


RubyFoo is a Ruby conference taking place in London in October, 2009. It's being put on by Trifork, the company behind the successful JAOO developer conferences. RubyFoo is a sort of follow up to the RubyFools conference they put on in Copenhagen, Denmark last year. Speakers include Sam Aaron, Ola Bini (JRuby), Adam Wiggins, Aslak Hellesoy, and Matz, and the general theme of the conference is "communicative programming." Note: You can use the promotion code of "Rubyinside" to get £50 off registration.

Rails Roadshow (USA; October and November, 2009)

railsroadshow.pngThe Rails Roadshow is a series of five free events being organized by esteemed Rails hosting company Engine Yard. In order:

  • October 26 - Boston, MA
  • October 27 - Chicago, IL
  • October 29 - Austin, TX
  • October 30 - Los Angeles, CA
  • November 2 - Seattle, WA

Despite being an Engine Yard-heavy event, the schedule is quite varied with speakers from Amazon, New Relic, and CVSDude in addition to those from Engine Yard. The theme is "performance in the cloud." For free, it seems like a nice morning out (the event finishes at midday) and you get breakfast - what's not to like?


Rails Summit Latin America 2009 (São Paulo, Brazil; October 13-14, 2009)

Rails Summit Latin America comes back for a second run in 2009 - taking place between October 13-14 in sunny São Paulo, Brazil. Last year's event attracted 550 attendees, so for a regional Ruby/Rails conference it did amazingly. This year it costs 400 Brazilian Real to attend (about $200).

Speakers lined up to speak so far include Bryan Liles, Carlos Brando, Chad Fowler, Gregg Pollack, Ilya Grigorik, Jason Seifer, Matt Aimonetti, Obie Fernandez, Pratik Naik, Rich Kilmer, and several prominent South American Rubyists. It's a bit of an all-star affair!


Rails Camps (Margate, UK and Melbourne, Australia; October / November 2009)

Rails Camps is a series of Rails related get-togethers, run in a lo-fi style in, usually, Australia and the United Kingdom. Two Rails Camps are on the calendar for late 2009. The first in Margate, UK (an interesting seaside resort, to say the least) on October 16-19 and the second in Melbourne, Australia on November 20-23. Previous reports show that these events seem to go down really well, especially if you want to get away from it all for a few days and hang out with fellow geeks - so check it out.

RubyEnRails (Amsterdam, Netherlands; October 30-31, 2009)


Where Euruko is Europe's equivalent of RubyConf, RubyEnRails is starting to look like Europe's answer to RailsConf. This year, RubyEnRails takes place in Amsterdam on October 30 and 31 and speakers include Jeremy Kemper, Yehuda Katz, Jonathan Weiss, Eloy Duran, Bart ten Brinke, Willem van Bergen, and Edwin Vlieg. It only costs 79 euro (about $120 or £70) and it sounds like it's been a fun event in previous years.

Note: I always seem to miss some awesome events in these roundups so, as always, please leave comments recommending your own events, those I've forgotten, etc.


  1. Tammer Saleh says:

    Unfortunately, Aloha on Rails is sold out:

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Thanks for pointing it out - now fixed :)

  3. Peter Cooper says:

    Before anyone points it out, there are now 11 events here, but I'm leaving the title because changing it can sometimes cause dupes in evil feed readers..

  4. Leah Silber says:

    Heads up: while JRubyConf is sold out, we just moved to a bigger space and have been letting the waiting list in in shifts. Even with everyone on the list, there's probably room for 20 or so more folks, so definitely put your name on the list!

  5. Peter Cooper says:

    That's encouraging to hear - do you know if the same is true for RubyConf?

  6. Jonathon Brenner says:

    LessConf is October 17th in Jacksonville.

  7. Willem van Bergen says:

    Just a little correction on my part: my name is actually WilleM van Bergen. I hope to see you at Ruby En Rails in Amsterdam!

  8. Danny Tatom says:

    Much thanks for this list, just registered for Rails Roadshow in Seattle. :)

  9. Pat Allan says:

    Rails Camp UK is sold out, but there's still a bit of space at the Australian one.

  10. Sy says:

    OMG, I am so excited! Rails Roadshow in Austin HERE I COME!

  11. Seth Ladd says:

    Aloha! We're happy to announce that Aloha on Rails has opened up approximately 40 more seats! Please add Aloha on Rails back to your list of upcoming conferences that still have seats. Mahalo!

  12. Peter Hellberg says:

    Thanks for the list, going to attend Ruby En Rails 2009, looks like a perfect blend of topics :)

  13. David A. Black says:

    Hi Peter --

    The situation with RubyConf is that after registration opened and we sold out quickly, we then talked to the venue, determined that we could juggle seating and add food, and then we let in upward of 100 people from the waiting list, based on the revised figures.

  14. Yuanyi says:

    Hi, Peter, there's also KungfuRails( on Shanghai China, Oct 24

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