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Build a Feed Reader in 26 Lines of Ruby

By Peter Cooper / March 23, 2007


Ever thought that parsing feeds was a complex task? Not in Ruby! Using the Feed Normalizer library (a wrapper for other feed processing libraries), Ilya Grigorik demonstrates how you can create a complete RSS / Atom feed aggregator in 26 lines of code, including renderer!


  1. GregH says:

    Hi - do you know if there is a library that makes parsing specific areas of a web-page for changes simpler? (i.e. only in HTML, no specific XML or RSS format)

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Yes. Scrubyt.

  3. Sandro says:

    Amazing !! Why we don't create a sort of 'write-a-specific-app-in-the-less-line-of-codes-you-can' contest ?? Could be fun !

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