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Community Engine – Rails Plugin That Adds Social Networking To Your App

By Peter Cooper / May 24, 2008

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Prolific Rails developer Bruno Bornsztein (interviewed on Ruby Inside in February 2007) does it again! Not content to settle for releasing 14-plus Rails related projects and Web sites, he has developed Community Engine, an "instant open-source social network plugin" for Rails. Unlike Insoshi and Lovd By Less, which are full social networking Rails applications, Community Engine is a plugin that can add social networking features to existing Rails applications.

Community Engine provides authentication, profile, search, blogging (with tagging, categories and rich-text editing), photo, bookmarking, forum, and other similar functionality. Community Engine has been extracted from the features of two successful social networking sites, Curbly and Uncooped, and has effectively been stress-tested by the general public for the last year.


  1. Ren says:

    It's a great app. All three are really! Thanks to all the developers for making these open source.

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