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Couldn’t Be At MountainWest RubyConf? Watch The Presentations Now!

By Peter Cooper / April 7, 2008


If you couldn't get to the popular MountainWest RubyConf two weeks ago, don't fear. In conjunction with Confreaks, videos of all of the presentations are available to watch online. 14 videos are available, including the following:

Strengthening the Ruby Ecosystem Part I: Rubinius by Evan Phoenix - Evan gives a general overview of Rubinius, how the project has worked out so far, and what the goal is with its development.

Strengthening the Ruby Ecosystem Part II: Merb by Ezra Zygmuntowicz - A similarly general overview of Merb, a Ruby Web applications framework. A great executive overview of the Merb project generally.

Code Generation: The Safety Scissors of Metaprogramming by Giles Bowkett - Giles looks at the beauties (and dangers!) of meta programming and other voodoo with Ruby. This is a particularly interesting talk, and an ideal one to watch if you're short of time.

Faster, Better ORM with DataMapper by Yehuda Katz - An overview of the DataMapper ORM, a compelling alternative to ActiveRecord.

Deep Ruby by Jeremy McAnally - A look at Ruby's object model and other "deep" Ruby issues. This is a pretty interesting talk too, for those who like to look at the nitty gritty.

BDD with Shoulda by Tammer Saleh - Shoulda is a great, small, simple testing plugin for Rails applications with a BDD flavor.

Lightning Talks by Various - The lightning talks include Mike Moore doing a "Binary Lottery" program with _why's Shoes, Chris Shea talking about "Guessmethod", Ed Moss talking about Active Scaffold, and more.

It seems MountainWest had a really high quality level of talks, so give it a thought when choosing which Ruby events to attend next year.

(On another level, I'm kinda surprised by how many Rubyists seem to have ended up working in groups - whether ThoughtBot, ENTP, or Engine Yard.)


  1. greywalker says:

    Excellent presentations and videos. Such information sharing efforts are a huge benefit to the Ruby community and these individual projects. Kudos to these presenters, MountainWest, and Confreaks!

  2. Niket Patel says:

    DataMapper looks so correct!

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