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CruiseControl.rb: Continuous Integration for Ruby (and Rails)

By Peter Cooper / March 26, 2007


CruiseControl.rb is a continuous integration tool written in, and for, Ruby. It makes it easy to set up automated builds of your software and to find out about tests that break on the fly. The official site has downloads, a 5 minute screencast, and a working demo of the tool.

Alongside this, Bill Eisenhauer - the developer of GeoKit, the Rails geocoding plugin - has written an article talking about CruiseControl.rb and showing how to set up custom tasks to use CruiseControl with Capistrano.


  1. Lyle says:

    We just switched from (which is what I've decided to call the "old" version) to CruiseControl.rb and it really was as easy as it appears. It's monitoring the builds of seven of our Java projects and works like a charm. I strongly recommend it to anyone who's had to deal with the headaches that can cause.

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