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Fast HTML parsing in Ruby with Hpricot

By Peter Cooper / July 5, 2006


Ruby legend whytheluckystuff has developed a new HTML parser called Hpricot. It's easy to install and use and parses HTML in a liberal fashion. It does, however, require a compiler to install (as it's written in C), so should be okay on Linux and Mac OS X, though not necessarily on Windows (yet).

Here's some demo code:

require 'hpricot'
doc = Hpricot.parse("index.html")
(doc/:p/:a).each do |link|
  p link.attributes

This is a good alternative to RubyfulSoup, if you're finding RubyfulSoup too slow (though RubyfulSoup is certainly worth a try!)


  1. RSL says:

    Does Hpricot install under Cygwin? I'll probably find this out for myself in a few minutes/hours but maybe someone else would want to know as well so the question might help.

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