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Gregg Pollack on Screencasting and Podcasting for Developers (in 10 minutes)

By Peter Cooper / June 25, 2010

I've been itching to do some audio or video interviews on Ruby Inside - here's the first! Gregg Pollack of EnvyLabs and Ruby5 (previously of RailsEnvy fame) is doing a screencasting and podcasting workshop at BizConf so I thought I'd ask him what that entails and how developers can benefit from learning about these media. (I like things short and simple so the interview is just 10 minutes long.)

Link to YouTube in case the video embed doesn't work for you.

Products mentioned by Gregg include Screenr, Jing, ScreenFlow, and Camtasia for Mac. Gregg is also keen for you to get in touch with him if you have anything to promote on the Ruby5 podcast.

Disclaimer: BizConf is a Ruby Inside sponsor, but while this is not a sponsored post, it seemed a good opportunity to talk with them! Hopefully I'll be doing something with Obie Fernandez soon too.


  1. Rodrigo Alves Vieira says:

    Amesome! Oops, the "the Ruby5 podcast." link is broken :-p

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Odd, I fixed a reported issue with the bug hours ago and don't see any breaks now. Guessing it's in a reader that hasn't updated the post?

  3. Ben Atkin says:

    This was great, but I'm surprised that Gregg reviewed so many screencasting tools. Isn't this the sort of thing where one product can win by outperforming the others? That's what I've heard from quite a few people about ScreenFlow, anyway. (Which I own a copy of, but haven't done much with except record my own coding sessions and watch them later.)

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