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Halcyon – A Ruby and JSON Powered Web App Framework

By Peter Cooper / January 3, 2008

Halcyon is a interesting new Web app framework by Matt Todd, written in Ruby. What makes Halcyon interesting is that while it's very small and fast, as many of the Web app framework newcomers (such as Sinatra) are, its focus is entirely on using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) for communications to and from the server. This could make Halcyon particularly well suited for providing the backend to simple "single page" AJAX driven applications. Another bonus is that Halcyon's source code is full of comments and explanations and there's documentation out the wazoo.


  1. Alex Young says:

    It's also interesting to note the Halycon author's motivations:

    "Halcyon is the sister project of Aurora SAS, a simple authentication server to manage authentication, session management, and user roles and permissions."

  2. Matt Todd says:

    Hey, wow, I was definitely not expecting to get both a link up here and one on Anarchaia! Thanks so much!

    I'd love to get some help with development on this project as I imagine it may be of interest to more people. Hopefully these links will increase the interest of developers all around.

    Cheers and Happy New Year!

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