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Heroku Launches Facebook App Hosting Package

By Peter Cooper / November 10, 2010

herokufacebook.pngHeroku, a popular Ruby webapp hosting platform that's picked up $13m in funding, has today unveiled their new Facebook App package. The package is aimed squarely at people wanting to develop Facebook apps and brings together several of Heroku's main offerings in a single, discounted monthly package.

Facebook apps represent a sizable portion of the close to 100,000 apps currently being hosted on Heroku, so the company felt it was time to target them directly. The package offers a Ronin-level dedicated database, 20 worker/dyno processes, 1GB of Memcache, New Relic Gold, and $200 of "platform credit" to add other features (such as SSL or the Sendgrid e-mail system).

It's not cheap but the package takes $2000 of retail services and offers it up for $1500 per month. It seems like quite a jump for anyone currently running their Facebook apps on a few VPSes but I suspect there are many existing Heroku customers who will take the opportunity to get a stiff discount on their hosting, though the Facebook App package represents a fixed offer with fixed specifications for now.

In other news, Heroku has reported that their experimental Node.js support program went well and that they'll be rolling it out for everyone in 2011. Given the opportunities for Ruby and Node.js to work alongside each other, this could be a great step forward.

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