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MacRuby 0.10 Released: XCode 4 Support and App Store Submissions

By Peter Cooper / March 24, 2011

apple-ruby-3.jpgMacRuby's lead developer and Apple employee Laurent Sansonetti has today released MacRuby 0.10 (yep, that's ten), the latest version of the Mac OS X-focused Ruby implementation. 0.10 is the latest stepping stone on the way to a forthcoming 1.0 release.

Getting MacRuby

You can grab MacRuby 0.10 from the downloads page or directly at Beware, though, that the binary installer download will only work on 64 bit Intel-powered machines running OS X 10.6 or higher.

New Features, New Possibilities

0.10 is not a major release but a few things stand out in the release notes for 0.10 amongst all the usual performance tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Support for the new MacBook Pro hardware (SandyBridge processors).
  • Fixes in macruby_deploy for App Store submissions.
  • Xcode4 support.

This is the first time I've seen an obvious reference to the App Store in the MacRuby release notes and it's an exciting development. Back in October 2010, I wrote MacRuby + Mac App Store == Low Hanging Fruit for Rubyists where I riffed on the possibilities that MacRuby could offer to Rubyists looking to make a splash with Ruby powered desktop apps. It looks like the door might be opening a little on this.

Going Further

If MacRuby interests you and you want to 'book up' check out MacRuby: The Definitive Guide by Matt Aimonetti and MacRuby in Action by Brendan Lim. Both are still in pre-release stages but beta copies are available.

I also recommend reading MacRuby for the Desktop: Seven Reasons by Andre Lewis of Scout. He's in the process of building a desktop Mac app with MacRuby and shares some general insights into how he's finding MacRuby.

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  1. Jeff Schoolcraft says:

    Matt's book is O'Reilly's Ebook Deal of the Day today (3/24) so it's only $15.99 with coupon code DDMRD.

  2. Roland says:

    @Jeff thanks for this note. The coupon still works as of today (3/25 4pm UTC)

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