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My book, “Beginning Ruby”, published today!

By Peter Cooper / March 26, 2007


My book, "Beginning Ruby", was released today and is ready to buy (and read!) immediately in print and e-book forms.

Beginning Ruby is a complete beginner's guide to Ruby and ideal for both people who've not programmed before or those who've done a little programming but don't understand the finer details (such as OOP, dynamic languages, or scripting). Beginning Ruby is a little like the Pickaxe but for meilleur casino en ligne fran├žais people who want more hand-holding and less reference materials (ideal for managers!). Actually, it's even a bit cooler than the Pickaxe because the rather amazing foreword is by why the lucky stiff!

You can buy the book in print form from and or even directly from Apress where sample chapters are available. If you buy direct from Apress you can also get the e-book version for just $20. If you've ever wondered how you can support Ruby Inside, do consider buying a copy as it'll make me feel very happy indeed, and help keep the Ruby book industry vibrant, especially for Apress who are backing a lot of Ruby books lately, such as Beginning Ruby on Rails, Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce, Google Maps Applications with Rails, and several in the pipeline I can't talk about yet.


Back in May 2006 I began to write Beginning Ruby, my first book, and today I received twenty copies of it (above). I wrote Beginning Ruby because I wanted there to be a true entry-level, but comprehensive, book covering the Ruby language, and I hope the Ruby population increases with it. At the same time I started Ruby Inside. Ruby Inside was intended to act as a promotional blog for the book. Things didn't turn out quite that way though, and now you're one of thousands of experienced Ruby developers who come to Ruby Inside to learn about the newest Ruby projects and news on a daily basis. It's definitely been a serendipity though, and I wouldn't change it at all. In fact, Ruby Inside has become more important than the book.

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to post a few times about the book, how it's doing, how I wrote it and how I'm publicizing it. I want to provide some inspirational info that, perhaps, will encourage more people to write and promote Ruby books and continue to drive forward the ecosystem surrounding our favorite language even further. There will also be a contest very soon where you will be able to win a copy of the book, so if it's beyond your budget, or if you're not even able to buy it in your country, don't fear.. there'll be a chance to win a copy soon!


  1. Sandro says:

    Wow ! I don't wanna think how many hours you spent on your laptop writing that book !! I must have one :)

  2. Kieran says:

    Well done Peter. I'll buy it.

  3. Dejan Dimic says:

    I am very happy for all of us Ruby lovers.

    Hope this book will find a way to wide audience of young knowledge hungry bright people.

    I will sourly guide one copy to my doorstep (if they deliver it in Belgrade)

  4. bruno says:

    Congrats Peter! I'm sure it was a lot of hard work! I can't wait to get my hands on one.

  5. Dr Nic says:

    Congrats Pete.

  6. Duncan Beevers says:


  7. Pat Eyler says:

    Congrats indeed! We'll have to talk about a belated interview.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Congratulations good sir! I hope to guide some people towards it, as I often do other Ruby books when I stand by the programming shelf in Borders, waiting for that unsuspecting C# developer to wander over and be converted by my Ruby powers of persuasion. I wish I had a job doing that, but alas I don't think anyone would pay me enough.

  9. Satish Talim says:

    Congrats Peter. I just bought the eBook.

  10. Ben says:

    / Woo and Yay Peter!

  11. Vlado says:

    Congratulations from Croatia.

  12. Peter Szinek says:

    Congratulations Pete!

    This books looks like a perfect fit form my wife - she studied 2 semesters of Pascal (university of economics) and wants to learn Ruby (well, maybe I should stop evangelizing it at least in my home?! ;-)).

  13. Martin says:

    Congrats Peter!

  14. Congratulations says:

    Well done, I have some idea of just how much work goes into writing a book so well done.

    Now what about Vol2

  15. Ed says:

    Very proud of you Pete! :D

  16. Peter Cooper says:

    Thank you for all of the support folks. Much appreciated!

    I must admit I am a little hesitant because it's my first book, but everyone seems to say nice things, so I am learning to ignore the voices in my head and just get on with pimping it ;-)

    I don't want anyone to be misled though, so I'm making sure people realize it's a beginners' book :) It'd be ideal for your wife, Peter!

    I tend to feel it's the ideal book to get from zero to being able to totally dig more complex things like the Pickaxe or The Ruby Way. It's that first stepping stone.

  17. Jacky says:

    Great work. I am Ruby fan now, thanks for your hard work. :)

  18. Jacek Becela says:

    I just bought it yesterday (pdf version) and after scanning through first 356 pages I must say: it's great for beginners, intro by _why is just uber cool. My fellow programmer who recently converted from PHP to Ruby/ROR has the same opininon. Great work!

  19. Jon Maddox says:


  20. Ben Kittrell says:

    Very cool, Congratulations.

  21. Peter Cooper says:

    Phew, thanks Jacek. I am very glad at least one person likes it. When you don't have a co-author and your editors and reviewers are technically being paid for their work, you never really get an unpaid opinion of your work and get a bit paranoid about it :) I can rest a little easier now!

  22. Scott Raymond says:

    Congrats Peter! I'm sure I'll be recommending this one.

  23. Robert says:

    Congrats Peter!

  24. Ilya Grigorik says:

    Great stuff Peter! I'll be sure to check it out.

  25. Eddie says:

    Just finished working through the majority of this book, and I have only one thing to say....this book is up there with beer and strippers.

  26. Peter Cooper says:

    I take that as a good thing. Thanks! I would try to name my first born after you if you managed to say that on Amazon ;-)

  27. Ian Ozsvald says:

    Peter - Congrats on getting the book done and out, that must free up a whole heck of a lot of time :-)
    Onwards n'upwards for Rails,

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