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New release of Hobo: The rapid Web application builder for Rails

By Peter Cooper / March 26, 2007


Just over two months ago I posted about a new rapid Web application development framework for Rails called Hobo. The team have now let me know they've got a brand new, redesigned site, and that Hobo has a major, new release.

Hobo makes it really easy to get a basic Web application up and running in Rails. It's a little like scaffolding but with a turbocharger under the hood. And if you want to get up and running in just a few minutes, they have a short tutorial along with three screencasts.


  1. Noah Stern says:

    Very impressive.

  2. NomDePlume says:

    hobo is awesome and DRYML is actually a step in the right direction. I would actually argue that it is more than just turbocharged scaffolding. I really like the power of DRYML and the fact that I can create new tags and build on the abstractions. Now let's see.. HAML vs. Markaby vs. DRYML vs. Liquid..

    Don't you just love the diversity of blooming architectures in the Ruby world right now?

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