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“Pro ActiveRecord” Book Ready To Pre-Order

By Peter Cooper / August 22, 2007


Pro ActiveRecord (previously known as "Pro ActiveRecord for Ruby") by Kevin Marshall, Chad Pytel, and Jon Yurek is an advanced-level book about using the ORM database library used primarily by Ruby on Rails. To be published on September 10, 2007, the book is now ready to pre-order from for $26.39 (non affiliate link) and runs at 300 pages, so it's likely to be a reasonably complete reference to using the library whether with Rails or not.


  1. Eddie says:

    Doubt that I will be pre-ordering it, but it does look interesting. I'll likely wait until I can finger through it at a bookstore and get a general idea of what it's all about. I hope it doesn't focus solely on Rails instead of Ruby in general.

  2. Neeraj Kumar says:

    I didn't find e-book version?

  3. Peter Cooper says:

    I think you might have to wait until September 10, Neeraj.

  4. David Vrensk says:

    Interesting; thanks for the tip. Will see if I can find a sample chapter somewhere.

    And you wouldn't offend me by using affiliate links to amazon--you are doing an amazing job for the community, and I'm more than happy to pass you a few cents through Amazon. (OTOH, I use or

  5. Roman LN says:

    I wonder what they could have written about AR that would be 300 pages long. The ActiveRecord module-related API pages at seem thorough enough already. Is there an online table of contents?

  6. Chad Pytel says:


    Peter, thanks for posting about the book.

    Yeah, the book focuses heavily on using Active Record agnostic to Rails (or Merb, or Camping, etc). Pretty much every code snippet and example is meant to stand on its own. In fact, for one example I present as both a Rake task to run inside a rails app and as a standalone ruby script, just so you can see the differences. We also focus quite a bit on different ways of using Active Record on legacy schema and overriding the assumptions and conventions of Active Record.

    We also go into detail about extending ActiveRecord, writing plugins, etc, things that aren't covered in the api documentation.

    It will be available as an e-book, but I don't know when it comes out, likely at the same time as the book itself. I'll see if I can find out.

    -Chad Pytel

  7. Martin says:

    Found the table of contents here:|toc

  8. Julie Miller says:

    Hi all,

    The TOC on Springer's website is a bit outdated; here's the final one:

    ■CHAPTER 1 Introducing Active Record
    ■CHAPTER 2 Active Record and SQL
    ■CHAPTER 3 Setting Up Your Database
    ■CHAPTER 4 Core Features of Active Record
    ■CHAPTER 5 Bonus Features
    ■CHAPTER 6 Active Record Testing and Debugging
    ■CHAPTER 7 Working with Legacy Schema
    ■CHAPTER 8 Active Record and the Real World
    ■APPENDIX Active Record Methods in Detail

    We'll have an expanded version up at the book page ( next week. The eBook will be available the week of 10 Sept. Cheers!

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