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Ruby Featured in User Friendly Comic Strip

By Peter Cooper / June 29, 2008


A light hearted entry, but Ruby has featured quite significantly in the latest edition of the popular User Friendly comic strip series. Unfortunately, a bearded Perl and Emacs fan gives Ruby the slap down, but what's new?

Update: It seems this comic strip might not be as new as it initially seems.. see comments.


  1. piyo says:

    "Perl and Emacs fan" is the same person, eh. It doesn't change the fact that Matz and Matz-Ruby are Emacs-oriented, see ruby-mode.el in official contrib. Oh wait the point of contention is just Perl? Carry on then.

    Then again, this comic feels like they're just slinging tech words around without understanding.

  2. Jamie says:

    This comic was on page 20 of the July 2006 issue of Linux Journal - The one focused on Ruby (mostly Rails) with DHH on the cover.

    Not that I'm complaining.

  3. Anthony Green says:

    I agree with piyo XKCD has a more clever nod to Ruby via Lisp

  4. Ed says:

    From my perspective, this comic touches on a more important subject - whether intentionally or otherwise. To me it personifies the customer vs. developer relationship.

    Ultimately, the customer doesn't give two hoots as to whether their product is coded in Ruby, PHP or Perl, what they care about is their product doing what they want in the manner the expect.

    Developers often forget that when evangelising their chosen platform.

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