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Ruby on Rails 2.0 Released

By Peter Cooper / December 8, 2007

After two successful release candidate releases, Ruby on Rails™, a popular Ruby-based Web application development framework in a similar vein to Merb or Nitro, has successfully made it to the final release of version 2.0. Previously called an "evolutionary rather than revolutionary" step, Rails™ 2.0 nonetheless packs a whole ton of new features that make it a worthwhile upgrade from 1.x. Unsurprisingly, David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Rails, has the best writeup in the official launch announcement.

Also bound to be of interest to Rails 2.0 users:

Rails 2 Upgrade Notes - Some notes from Ben Smith covering the process of upgrading an application from using Ruby 1.2.6 to Rails 2.0. It includes a particularly useful Rake task to check your code for certain deprecated features.

iPhone on Rails - Ben Smith continues with a great demonstration of how to easily build iPhone-targeted applications using Rails 2.0.

Summary of Major Rails 2 Features - Ryan Daigle wraps up a stunning collection of "Edge Rails" blog posts demonstrating Rails 2.0 features many months in advance with a mega link post.


  1. SMERF says:

    I love your style man! Good on ya! :)

  2. Justin says:

    It's cool to hear rails described as "in the same veign as merb" instead of the other way around.

  3. Esad Hajdarevic says:

    This post just made my day! ;-) It's also kinda ironic that the weblog seems to veeery slow right now (it's powered by rails itself)

  4. CptOatmeal says:

    I'll second Justin, it's hilarious that Rails is 'just a framework similar to Merb and Nitro, the more established players in the field.' (Paraphrased to illustrate intent.)

  5. Peter Cooper says:

    Cpt: That wasn't the intent :) The intent was to demonstrate that Rails is just one of many Web frameworks available to Ruby developers.

    It's important to stress that Rails is a part of the Ruby ecosystem, not the other way around as many people tend to assume.

  6. piyo says:

    My eyes never left the intro graphic. Hahahaha.

    What graphics are used when Browser beginning with F (um Ice Weasel) is released?

  7. topfunky says:

    "This post was sponsored by the letter 'R' and the number '2'."

  8. AkitaOnRails says:

    I invite everybody to take a look at a screencast I've compiled yesterday. This is the classic Blog app built using Rails 2.0. I think it is the First Rails 2.0 full featured screencast around.

    See it "here":

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