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Ruby Quicktips: A Tumblelog of Quick Ruby Tips

By Peter Cooper / February 12, 2010

ruby-quicktips.pngRuby Quicktips is a Tumblr-powered tumblelog (think of a blog but in bite-sized chunks) by Daniel Pietzsch that presents a growing array of Ruby related tips and interesting code snippets. Daniel seems keen for you to contribute, and you can do so on its submissions page. There's an "about us" post if you want to learn more in general.

Daniel has done a good job of curating the 20 or so tips that he's put up over the last couple of months, and I bet with your help, it could become a significant resource. Picking up a few tips each week is a great way to keep your mind fresh and the ideas flowing! The tips posted so far are mostly quite basic, but with more submissions, a wider gamut of skill levels could be covered.

A selection of the tips posted so far:

Ruby Quicktips also has a Twitter account you can follow to be notified when the latest tip has been published. There's also an RSS feed if you prefer that.


  1. Daniel Pietzsch says:

    Hi Peter,

    I would like to thank you for your support in form of this blog post. Since this was posted here, pageviews and subscription numbers exploded. :-)
    It looks like a lot of people like the idea of the blog. I constantly receive tip submission and can barely keep up moderating them... (which is a good thing).

    So: thank you.
    And don't hesitate to submit your tips. ;-)


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