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RubyPulse: 9 Screencasts On Different Ruby Libraries (So Far)

By Peter Cooper / October 3, 2009

rubypulse.pngRubyPulse is a screencast site that publishes regular videos about different Ruby libraries. It's a month old so far and German Ruby developer Alex Peuchert has put out 9 episodes already. With a little support, perhaps Alex will be able to keep it going and become the pure Ruby equivalent of Ryan Bates!

Each RubyPulse episode is in Quicktime format and about 4 minutes long - each is also available in an iPod/iPhone tailored format. The nine episodes of RubyPulse so far include:

  • FastRI - A look at the performance-focused alternative to the "ri" command line tool.
  • Memoize - An overview of memoization in Ruby (the process of caching method responses for future use).
  • Gibbler - An exploration of the Gibbler library, previously covered on Ruby Inside.
  • Sketches - Sketches is a Ruby tool that lets you create and edit Ruby code in your favorite text editor while having it safely reloaded in IRB whenever the code is saved/updated.
  • Ruby Version Manager - A look at the "makes it easy to run multiple Ruby implementations at once" tool, RVM.
  • hijack - A look at hijack, a tool that provides an IRB session into an existing Ruby process.
  • random_data - A library that provides random test data, including: names, addresses, dates, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
  • wirble and colored - A look at a set of IRB enhancements. (Bonus: Check out our previous roundup of IRB stuff.)
  • live_console - A look at a library that provides an IRB sesson to a process over a TCP or Unix socket connection. Unlike hijack, however, this has to be pre-arranged.

Alex has done a great job with these videos so far and while his strong German accent might put some off, he's very effective at demonstrating how to use the libraries he covers quickly.

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  1. Igor says:

    This is nice resource, and all videos much different from RailsCasts videos.
    Thanks for them!

  2. Thibaut says:

    Indeed a very nice resource - I learnt a decent amount of stuff watching these :)

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