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Ruby’s Top Teacher in 2008 – Satish Talim

By Peter Cooper / December 12, 2008


Note: This post is a part of Ruby Inside's Top 10 in 2008 series. To learn more or see the other awards, read this introductory post.

Satish Talim - Ruby Evangelist and Facilitator

Satish Talim is an established software development expert (over 30 years of experience in the industry!) based in Pune, India. He's most recognized in the Ruby community for his ongoing work with his RubyLearning group of sites. He's also built up a strong following on Twitter @IndianGuru.

Since 2006, Satish - along with a fast growing group of volunteers - has helped thousands of people (many of who first came into the Ruby world in 2008) in over 100 countries to learn Ruby. Tomorrow he starts his latest class - based around Why The Lucky Stiff's Shoes system. His class list shows that in this January to March 2008 class there were over 2200 participants! For this reason alone, Satish easily walks away with Ruby Inside's commendation for top Ruby teacher in 2008.

As well as his teaching efforts, Satish has also become a popular blogger in the Ruby world on the Ruby Learning Blog. He's recently published interviews with Ruby and Rails luminaries including Jamie van Dyke, James Edward Gray II, Jonathan Conway, Ezra Zygmuntowicz and Dr. Nic Williams. All worth reading!

A Few Questions..

How (and when) did you find your way into Ruby?

After being with Java since its beta days, my interest in Ruby was aroused after I read an article Ruby the Rival in November 2005. I decided to learn Ruby myself and started making my Ruby Notes for my site,

How have your Ruby & Rails related projects progressed in 2008?

I started my free, online Ruby teaching site in January 2008 and today it has over 5600 participants who have either learned Ruby or are in the process of learning Ruby with me. The experience has been very positive and fulfilling. I've also been promoting Ruby in India since 2006 with my PuneRuby User Group. I also managed to convince the the University of Pune to introduce Ruby as a full time paper in their computer science course from Jan. 2009.

With I am able to give Ruby exposure to people across the globe (there are currently students registered from over 140 countries) - we have people from far-flung places where no trainers (leave alone Ruby trainers) are available - my site facilitates that.

What plans do you have for 2009?

To introduce more new, free or low-cost courses in Ruby and related areas. Beginning 2009, new courses on TDD, Merb etc. are in the offing.

Key Projects and Links


  1. Letícia Figueira says:

    Awwn, that's soooo nice! Congratulations, Satish!

  2. Anish Betawadkar says:

    Well deserved acknowledgement!!! I know him for the past 10 years and had been his student too. Heartiest congratulations to him.


  3. ashbb says:

    Congrats, Boss!!

    Really proud of you, Satish. :-D

  4. Aditya says:

    Very well deserved appreciation for Satish, who is doing some excellent work in strengthening the ruby ecosystem. Wishing him more success in future.

  5. Bhalchander Vishwanath says:

    Congratulations to Satish. This is really a very well deserved recognition. He is a 'guru' as the wikipedia states :

  6. SoftMind says:


    Congratulations Satish.

    You have made India and Ruby Community Proud of you.

    Parag Kantharia
    SoftMind Technology.

  7. Kaustubh Cholkar says:

    Congratulations Satish!!

  8. Macel Legaspi says:

    Hi Satish,

    Congratulations and more power!

  9. Rahul W says:

    Congrats Sir, keep the good work going.

  10. suman gurung says:

    Congratulations satish!!! you truly deserved it... i am so glad... i have been learning ruby, jruby and merb with satish in his

  11. Nitin Deshpande says:

    Congrats sir. This is really great news.

  12. Gautam Rege says:

    Congrats Satish!
    You are indeed an excellent teacher and this is very well deserved. It has been an honour being associated with you.


  13. saurabh purnaye says:

    Satish Sir,
    First you have taken ruby to Pune.. Thanks!

  14. Rosa Maranhao says:

    Satish is doing an excellent work and this is very well deserved. Congratulations!!!

  15. Raj Chirputkar says:

    Many Congrats !

    Satish, not only a great Ruby teacher but also a selfless helping hand to anyone interested in getting into newer technologies..A decade back, he did it for Java.

    You deserved it undoubtably..

  16. Paresh says:

    You might not have realized it yet but you have brought ruby to the life of thousands of people

  17. Hugo says:

    Congrats Satish! You are example for us! Ruby Learning is one of the best ways to start learning Ruby thanks to you and the assistant professors.

  18. Djalma says:

    Parodying James Brown:
    You're so good...a good teacher!!!!

  19. Rafael FElix says:

    Congratulation Satish Talim.
    You're are realy a great teacher
    Only the justice.


  20. Krzysztof says:



  21. Nitin Joshi says:

    Heartiest Congratulations Sir!!
    You really deserve this.
    All the best to you to "Do More" in the I.T. field.

    Warm Regards,

    Nitin Joshi

  22. José Carlos Monteiro says:

    Boss!!! Congratulations... And for everyone else, Satish has spoiled coding for me. I no longer have as much fun as I have coding in Ruby when coding in other programming languages. In life, a great man is "measured" by those that follow him, and Satish has great many followers, which just goes to demonstrate why this title is well deserved. :)

  23. Willian Molinari says:


    Congratulations Satish!

    You are a really great teacher and have a great teacher spirit!


    Willian Molinari

  24. Madhankumar says:

    Congratulations Guru!!!!!!!!!!

  25. savitha says:

    Congratulations satish sir,

  26. Marcos Ricardo says:

    That is my Indian Guru.

    Satish my friend, you totally deserves it.


  27. Ronan says:

    Congrats! Great work for the Ruby community, thanks!

  28. Ganeshkumar Salvi says:

    A down-to-earth and very helpful human being. So many of us owe their careers to this man - hats off, Sir.

  29. Vilas says:

    Congratulations Sir! You deserved this honour.

  30. Sachin Godbole says:

    This is a great news sir. Congratulation for all your efforts.

  31. Leonardo Vizagre says:

    Congratulations Satish!

    You are a excellent teacher!

  32. Ricardo Leme says:

    Ceirtanly Satish is the Top Ruby Teacher of the year!

    Hugs from Brazil!

  33. Sergio Martins says:

    Congrats Satish!

    Thanks for everything.


  34. Mak Ganoo says:

    Congrats!!! Satish (Talim Sir) and I know each other for last 15 years. In a true sense he is 'Guru'
    I am very happy for you Sir!!!

  35. Matheus Ricardo Uihara Zingarelli says:

    Congratulations, professor Satish Talim!

    I'm very proud of being a little part of your teaching classes.


  36. Carlan Calazans says:

    Wow! Congratulations Satish!

  37. Bernardo Rosmaninho says:

    Congratulations, professor Talim... this recognizment is part of your brilliant work teaching people like me and all others above.

  38. Zé Luiz says:

    Congratulations, you are great teacher and are doing an excellent work. Live long and prosper !

  39. Avinash Fulari says:

    Congratulations Sir,
    I have been your student and feeling really proud.

  40. Leela Krishna says:

    Congratulations Satish Sir..

    U deserve it!!

    Leela Krishna

  41. Milind says:

    Congratulations Sir

  42. Paulo says:

    Satish! Congratulations from Ruby Brasil.

  43. Peter Crawford says:

    Satish, as said above, you are a guru in the true sense, helping us push aside the darkness! Thank you for all the good work you've done and my very best wishes to you for all your future endeavors.

  44. Matt Platte says:

    Satish has a posse

  45. Rafael Dx7 says:


  46. Edson says:

    Congratulations!!! You is the Rubyman, goog work.

  47. Nikhil Warade says:

    Congrats Sir!!!
    You always helped to learn ruby,which was otherwise difficult and also helped me to bring Ruby in Nagpur...

  48. Sandeep Suryavanshi says:

    Congratulation Sir,

    Every body know that you are the best teacher. You were java guru for us in previously and now you are Ruby guru too.
    I am very proud to tell that you are my teacher.

  49. Adolfo Sousa says:

    Congrats, Satish. You´re doing a pretty brilliant work and deserve all of this!!

  50. Mukesh Mehta says:

    Congratulation sir,
    We are also know every thing about ruby from U Only.

  51. takaaki says:

    Wow, are you running the TDD course? Cool :)

  52. Brian says:

    Most American companies won't even consider investing in their developers or would-be developers, yet here's this guy from the other side of the world, giving of himself far beyond what anyone could ever ask...and for naught (or very little).

    As a repeat student of rubylearning, I am very grateful for the mentoring I've received as a result of Satish's efforts and that of his plethora of volunteer assistants. All are knowledgeable and very helpful. The attitude is positive and motivating. The bottom line is that Satish cares and it's reflected in the experience of participating in his courses.

    It would behoove employers to examine their perspective on investing in the potential that employees and candidates have to offer.

  53. G.D.Prasad says:

    Wish you many more successes and more power to your courses

  54. neel joe says:

    Thanks to Satish for

  55. Sayeed says:

    Congratulations Satish !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please do me a favour and let me know any good training institute in Hyderabad for ruby on rails

  56. Nikhil Karode says:

    Condratulations Sir!!!

  57. Odracir Antunes Jr. says:

    Congratulations Satish!
    You really did a very good job teaching Ruby for all of us!
    Thank you very much, and enjoy this honor, you really deserve it!

  58. Yogesh Mahajan says:

    Congratulations!!! All of us know that you are genuine teacher, being with you is really precious investment of the time. I feel myself very lucky that I got GURU like you.
    Once again congratulation!!!

  59. abhishek says:

    Hey Sir,
    Its a right award to the right person.
    I learned Ruby from Talim Sir, I know he has such a great teaching skill.

  60. Praveen says:

    Congratulations sir,
    We are filling great to be your student.

  61. Sandip says:

    Many Congratulations !

  62. Todd says:


    Kudos to someone who has selflessly invested in others. You truly personify the spirit of the Open Source Community. Thank you!

  63. Bernie Loriaga says:

    Congratulation....You deserve this Christmas gift...You inspire a lot of person
    to learn ruby...Once again Congrats,Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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