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Shoes Roundup: Ruby GUI App Development Goodness

By Peter Cooper / September 9, 2007


Just over a month ago I mentioned the release of "Shoes", a new Ruby library for creating "Web-like desktop apps" by Why The Lucky Stiff. Shoes provides a somewhat platform-independent way of creating desktop applications easily. Now that Shoes is several weeks old, it's worth pointing to a few resources and tutorials that will come in useful if you decide to start building Shoes-powered apps:

Running with Shoes - A Mini GUI Toolkit by Juixe: A great walkthrough building a simple Shoes application.

Cut Holes in Shoes and Get A Mask by Why The Lucky Stiff: A demonstration of using masks to create fancy text graphics.

Running with Shoes - 2D Graphics and Animation by Juixe: A look at drawing shapes in a Shoes app, such as lines, ovals, and rectangles, along with simple animation techniques.

Source code for a basic text editor by Why The Lucky Stiff: Source for a bare bones editing tool.

Yeah, Shoes Has Just a Few Simple Controls by Why The Lucky Stiff: A demonstration of a few of Shoes' widgets.

Mashing In Some Graphics by Why The Lucky Stiff: A code example of drawing rectangles within a Shoes application.

Hypershoes by Why The Lucky Stiff: A look at how to build a "book reader" program in Shoes and how Shoes' concept of URLs helps.


  1. Koen Van der Auwera says:


  2. harm says:

    Excellent! Soemtimes people forget Ruby can do many things, not only in Rails! Beside everything from Why is worth watching, if only for the wonders he creates.

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