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The 2008 Ruby Advent Calendar

By Peter Cooper / December 3, 2008

radvent2008.png If you read Ruby Inside in 2006, you might remember our 2006 Ruby Advent Calendar. It featured the first look at the then-new AWS::S3 library, offered a Ruby code formatter for blog posts (which I still use here!), some Ruby wallpapers, and a lot more.

2007 had no Ruby advent calendar, unfortunately, but this year Lakshan Perera, a Sri Lankan Ruby developer, has put together a good-looking 2008 Ruby Advent Calendar. Day one looked at rolling out a Sinatra and Sequel powered blog. Day two covered deploying Ruby apps with Phusion Passenger (which just hit version 2.0.4). And day three looks at exception notification service, Hoptoad.

The advent calendar has a feed at if you want to follow it right up until Christmas Day - you can also follow @rubyadvent on Twitter if that's more your scene.


  1. John says:


    I missed the Advent Calendar and was just thinking a few days ago how cool it was that we had one in the Ruby community in the past.

    Thanks for bringing the Christmas spirit back, LakTEK!

  2. brett says:

    Cool! I remember the 2006 calendar being pretty useful. I referred back to a few posts long after the holidays had come and gone.

  3. Lakshan says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for posting about Ruby Advent Calendar. Back in 2006 your Ruby Advent Calendar inspired me to go deep down with Ruby. Today I make a living as a Ruby developer. So I thought it would be cool have another Ruby Advent again and give something to the community.

    I would love to make this series more fun and knowledgeable, by covering many cool stuff and tricks related to Ruby as possible. So if you like to contribute and get some love from the community, please get in touch me via email (lakshan [at] web2media dot net)

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