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Utility Belt: Pimp Your IRB

By Peter Cooper / December 12, 2007

Utility Belt bills itself as "a grab-bag of tricks, tools, techniques, trifles, and toys for IRB," the interactive Ruby shell. If you're a keen IRB user, Utility Belt offers up a metric ton of features that will promote you to power user in no time including interaction with your favorite text editor, clipboard support, Pastie posting, Amazon S3 shortcuts, auto-indentation, and more. Utility Belt appears to be optimized somewhat for OS X but most of the features will work on other platforms too.


  1. Justin Blake says:

    I'd probably only ever use the edit(:editor) feature. But that is still flippin sweet.

  2. Greg says:

    Just a warning: after using utility_belt happily for awhile, I recently had it screw up some perfectly well-working code that I was running in script/console. Some part of its ActiveRecord shortcuts over-rode a method just cause it was named after another model even though the model in play didn't have an association by that name with that model.

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