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What’s Hot on Github – January 2009

By Zach Inglis / January 14, 2009

GitHub LogoWhat's Hot on Github is a monthly post highlighting interesting projects that are new or updated this month, within the Ruby community that are hosted on Github. Github has become an extremely popular place for Ruby and Rails developers to congregate over the last year, so I wanted to list some of the new projects, and some of the updated ones that I have found interesting.

This month's picks:

Have any projects to add or want to recommend a project for next month's post? Please leave a comment.


  1. Sean Huber says: - Generates attr_accessors that encrypt and decrypt attributes transparently. Works with ANY class, however, you get a few extra features when you’re using it with ActiveRecord, DataMapper, or Sequel

  2. Sean Huber says:

    Thanks for your interest in hattr_accessor btw

  3. Radar says:

    Wow, what an honour to be marked as "what's hot on github"! Thanks!

  4. Soleone says:

    This project is also looking supertight, I could imagine it becoming the new standard for managing your project as a Gem:

  5. Kenneth Kalmer says:

    Thanks for mentioning daemon-kit here as well, looking forward to seeing that little gem grow.

  6. Markus Jais says:

    Great list. I think I will have to read a lot of code during the next weekend :-)

  7. Apostlion says:

    Thank you for mentioning Rubyrati. It got too stale recently, will spend this evening bringing it up to shape :)

  8. Tj says:

    Everyone should check out visionmedia-commander for executables, I think people will like it :)

  9. Adam says:

    We'd love to get people's feedback on Rhodes - our open source framework for building mobile apps ( We also just announced our mobile app development contest at

  10. Gabriel says:

    +1 for both jeweler and context, which make github gem packaging + testing enjoyable. For wicked ruby-based shell completion, check out my github gem:

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