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Celebrate Why The Lucky Stiff By Letting Loose on Whyday (August 19, 2010)

By Peter Cooper / June 11, 2010

This year, on August 19, celebrate Whyday. Set aside that day to remember Why's contributions to our community and culture by hacking just for the fun and joy of it.

Glenn Vanderburg

This is a great idea. It's still a couple of months way, but on you can sign up for more updates, or you can follow @celebratewhyday on Twitter.

If you want to reminisce in the meantime, Ruby Inside's link-packed A Cup Full of Why: 32 Why The Lucky Stiff Links will get you started.


  1. skrat says:

    I don't get it, why (?) there's no Yehuda Katz day, or Yukihiro Matsumoto day? You guys (and so called "culture") miss a hero?

  2. Soleone says:

    Maybe because they are still active? Sorry, but what a dumbass hating comment man...

  3. why?? says:

    i don't get it either. I mean, i do have a lot of respect for Why and his contributions, but isn't this little over the top. I guess i am not just ready for this kind of pop culture into my ruby and rails world.

  4. _why not. says:

    Wycats definitely doesn't need any encouragement. In fact a lot of very vocal Ruby figures could learn a lot from _Why's 'indie' view of programming.

  5. ThatGuy says:

    And people wonder why he left the community.

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